BlueHost is Best For Beginners

Nowadays, almost every business is moving to online platforms. People are getting aware of the importance and benefits of the website. Creating a website is not a big deal for many people. On the other hand, sometimes beginners face many difficulties but Bluehost is very user-friendly. It’s very easy to use. A beginner can also use Bluehost’s dashboard. If you have still doubt. Why Bluehost is the best for beginners? Then the good news is you are in the right place. I’m going to give you the answer to this question. We will discuss all features of Bluehost which makes it easy for beginners.

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Why BlueHost is best for beginners?

Advantages of BlueHost

There is a number of benefits for beginners on Bluehost.

Good uptime- Uptime of a website matters a lot. Uptime stands for the period of time in which your website is online. If your website goes down then maybe you have to face many problems. It’s a very critical situation when you need your website most of your website goes down. The good thing about the BlueHost is the uptime of the Bluehost is 99.99%.

 WordPress is easy– WordPress has a partnership with Bluehost. It makes WordPress too easy to use. When you will sign up with Bluehost your WordPress site will automatically be installed and you will find your site ready without so many efforts.

Flexibility and scalability– Another benefit of Bluehost hosting is. Users can start their hosting with the very basic plan after that when traffic will increase on the website you can easily move to other plans without facing any downtime.

Bluehost’s best offers

BlueHost Features

Free Domain name- It’s absolutely no matter which hosting plan you are going to choose. You will get a BlueHost Free Domain Name with every package for 1 year. After that, you have to pay a fee for renewal.

Free SSL Certificate- You will also get a free SSL Certificate. It makes your website safe and secure. Many companies take additional charges to include SSL certificates.

Free SSD storage- With the help of SSD storage you will enjoy faster hosting speed and more security.

Marketing Credits-one of the biggest advantages of Bluehost hosting is free marketing credits. You will get free $100 credit on Google ads and Microsoft advertising. After spending $25 on Google Ads and Microsoft advertisement.

30 days money-back guarantee- Bluehost provides 30 days money-back guarantee. You can take a trail of Bluehost. If you don’t feel satisfied then you can get your money back within 30 days.

Unlimited bandwidth- There are some packages in Bluehost. Where you will get unlimited bandwidth.

24/7 Customer service support- When you are going to purchase hosting. You must know about the support of that particular hosting provider. Bluehost provides many types of support, like live chat, phone, email, and FAQ systems. They also provide articles related to the common problems of users.

Customized Cpanel- Bluehost has a customized Cpanel which is easy to use compared to many other Cpanels.

Choose the plan which suits you

BlueHost Plans

If you will compare the plans and features of Bluehost with other hosting companies then you will find Bluehost is providing the best plans. According to the user’s different needs and different features. Bluehost provides 4 different plans

  • Basic
  • Choice
  • Choice plus
  • Pro

These plans have different features and different prices. According to your different needs. Here you have multiple options to start your personal and business website.

What is the most suitable plan for beginners?

BleHost Qualities

If you are going to start a single website or blog then I will recommend the basic plan of BlueHost. Here you will all the resources which are required to run a website or blog. It’s cost-effective, you can start with the basic plan. After that, you can switch to the chosen plan of BlueHost.

The choice plan is best for people who want to start more than one website. Here you can create multiple websites without paying any additional amount. It’s also good for people who want to do experiments with multiple websites.

Fast web server

BlueHost has a fast loading speed. You can access the webserver from anywhere in the world at a good speed. BlueHost has a very good level of quad processor Opteron server which improves the loading time and overall performance of the server.

BlueHost Affiliate program

If you will purchase the hosting from BlueHost. So, there is a special plan for you. BlueHost provides an affiliate program. This is one of the most rewarding plans in the world. You can also earn through this plan If you will signup with BlueHost. All you need to do just give the link to the BlueHost website on your website. You will earn with every click on the link of your web and get a commission with purchased hosting by your link. This is a good way to earn money. You can easily cover enough amounts to renew your plan.

Technology at BlueHost

BlueHost has 3 data centers with world-class facilities. All centers are filled with modern and high-performance quad processor servers, mirrored storage backups, and multiple 10-gigabit fiber connections all over the world. This is the reason BlueHost has high speed and wide bandwidth.

Conclusion:- BlueHost Is Best For Beginners

BlueHost provides the best quality features at a reasonable price. It is good for beginners because It’s easy to use. BlueHost has customized cPanel. No matter, if you are experienced or new you can easily operate BlueHost’s cPanel. You can upgrade your package easily. Here you will get many perks like a free SSL certificate free SSD storage and many more. BlueHost has many different plans according to different needs. Bluehost has great support available to help its customers 24/7. You can take support with live chat, phone calls, and mails. WordPress and BlueHost have a partnership. BlueHost is the no.1 hosting provider recommended by WordPress. Overall BlueHost is one of the best Webhosting providers for beginners. Bluehost team is always there to help their customers.

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