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If you don’t know, where to watch Baddies West to watch all episodes for free, Then don’t panic. You are in the right place in this detailed guide we’ll provide you with the best OTT platforms, Apps as well and TV channels, On which you can easily stream your favorite episodes. This series has four seasons and Baddiees West is season third. 

There are so many platforms for watching Baddies West episodes for free. You don’t stream this series episode to the other platforms.

How to Watch Baddies West for Free?

You can not watch Baddies West for free this time. It is currently not available in services. If there is any updated information about its streaming service then we will inform you, so get in touch with us.

How to Watch Baddies West for Free

Where to Watch Baddies West?

When you Watch Baddies West, there are so many venues to watch this series on this channel follow below. This platform gives paid services to watch the series.

  • Roku tv
  • Hulu tv
  • Bili bili tv
  • Zeus network
  • NowThatsTV
  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Youtube 

To know more about these apps or OTT platforms, look at the below-mentioned informative guides.

Where to Watch Baddies West

Roku TV

Roku TV is free there is no monthly rent on this TV. if you use the free version you will subscribe to paid movie channels or Roku TV is provided to pay and stream Baddies West easily and you Watch Baddies West for upgrade virsion.

Hulu TV

its carefully curated selection of original series and network partnerships that make it the home of the FX series and more. Hulu TV is a channel of American shows he provides live streaming on the channel but now this channel has not provided the series.

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Bili Bili App

Bilibili also provides a live streaming service where the audience can interact with streamers. This series is fully available on the application and provided free for you to watch Baddies West easily but it provides only English language this series.

Zeus Network

The Zeus network is a channel of California television. This channel provides live streaming with an upgrade plan but Baddies West is an unpaid stream on the network only for live In HD quality.


NowThatsTV is a TV application that provides live streaming on the channel. It is a pain monthly subscription. But Baddies West provides a stream-only upgrade plan for HD-quality watches. 


Netflix is an American application. It provides a stream of web series, movies, and animes. This application needed a monthly and yearly subscription to stream.

Prime Video

Prime Video is an American application that demands to be based. This application provides American. Indian movies, series, and OTT to streams. 


YouTube is a big social media platform this application provides a short and long video for some details. People are using it for streaming online series and live streaming, only search for Baddies West for all episodes YouTube provides to this series.  

Baddies West Episode

If you know how many Episodes in the series I will tell you. 

In series, this is the third season of the Watch Baddies West in this series there are 14 episodes. Each episode for 40 to 55 minutes. 

Follow below all episodes:-

EpisodesEpisode NameTiming
Episode 1The Wild Wild West45:39:00
Episode 2Welcome to LA42:48:00
Episode 3Stunna vs. Everybody51:11:00
Episode 4What happens in Vegas44:56:00
Episode 5Stranger in The House45:32:00
Episode 6Here Comes The Bad Luck44:48:00
Episode 7Who’s Bad?41:23:00
Episode 8I’m The Special Guest51:07:00
Episode 9A Bad Supper47:42:00
Episode 10Messy Bestie41:26:00
Episode 11Baddie Missing47:00:00
Episode 12Back to the Bay46:11:00
Episode 13Tear the Club Up40:04:00
Episode 14From The Bay to the Islands44:35:00

This table supplies details for Baddies West episode names and timing. 

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What is Baddies West on?

Baddies West is available on Zeus Network. It is released on 22 January  2023 to 21 May 2023. It is made in the Western region of the United States, California.

Where to watch Baddies West for free?

There are so many platforms to watch Baddies West for free but some platforms are saying to upgrade the plan this application is paid. 

Is Baddies West on Hulu?

Yes, baddies West is available on Hulu but it is not free. It is provided a first subscription to the monthly and yearly plan. 

What is the point of Baddies West?

The show documents the exchanges between several young women living together while hosting a series of promotional events, which usually involve spoken and physical altercations.

Name and Age of the characters of West Baddies West?

Natalie Nunn37
Catya Washington36
Loren Jordan33
Gia “Rollie Mayhem23
Scotland Ryan30
Scotlynd Ryan26
Tommie Lee38
Suzanne “Stunna Girl” Brown24
Damerlin “Biggie” Baez26
Monique “Razor” Samuels27
Cleo “DJ Sky High Baby” Rahman30

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