What is VPS hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is a mixture of dedicated and shared servers. The user gets an environment of a dedicated server in the VPS server created through virtualization. Now, what is the meaning of virtualization? Making fragments of something virtually not actually is known as virtualization.  Here the resources of the server distribute among the owners in a fixed ratio. Confuse yet?

VPS server vs. shared hosting

VPS hosting

Shared Hosting server let’s talk about shared hosting. Shared hosting is a kind of hosting where multiple users share a single server’s resources among them. You can’t trust shared hosting because you are sharing the resources. The shared server has a low price with a slow loading time.

VPS- As you read above, VPS provides an environment of the dedicated website where you have the virtual distribution of the server’s resources. VPS server is safer than shared web hosting. Although, the VPS server is quite expensive in comparison to a shared server. Still, the loading time of the VPS server is better than the shared server.

What is the difference between VPS and a dedicated server?

The dedicated server is that kind of server where the user gets an entire server on rent. There is no need to share the resources of that server with anyone. The user has full control over the server. If we talk about the VPS server, here you are getting a part of the server which is virtually distributed among some ‘ owners of the website. Actually, users are sharing the resources of the server but the benefits are defined for every user.

VPS benefits-

Benifits of VPS hosting

Personalize- The user gets his own operating system and virtual private server that makes it easy to customize according to your needs.

Maximum control- There is no need to share your operating system with other users on the server that’s why other website users can’t access your data files.

Dedicated resources- The server provides you a particular amount of available resources.

Affordable price- You are taking a particular part on the server that makes the price of VPS cheap.

Flexible- Here you are free to choose the operating system and software as well.

What is the right time to switch to VPS?

Experiencing high traffic on the website- If your site has low traffic then shared hosting can be a good option. If traffic is continuously increasing then you must switch your hosting from shared. VPS has the capacity to handle a high amount of traffic in comparison to shared web servers.

The performance of your website is decreasing- VPS just not improves the loading time of the website but also improves the overall performance of the website.

The requirement to up-level security-In shared hosting you are sharing the resources of the server it can be harmful to keep sensitive data on the shared web server. On the other hand, VPS provides a virtual private server which makes VPS safer than shared web hosting.

 The requirement of more resources- If there is a need to increase the resources of the site. So, VPS can be a good option for you. You get a virtual distribution that’s why there is no need to share your resources with others. Users can customize the resources as per need.

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