What is Shared hosting

Shared web hosting is the kind of hosting where one server distributes among many owners. In simple words, many users use the resources of a single server. How many users are sharing a server depends on the hosting providers. There is a limit to using resources of the server for every user. It`s very cheap in price. It`s actually good for beginners or bloggers.

If you are going to buy shared web hosting then you must read this article. Let’s start with the article and know about Shared web hosting Pros & Cons.

Pros of shared web hosting

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

  • Lots of people use the same server that`s why the price distributes among many owners and the cost of web hosting becomes cheaper.
  • It`s actually good for beginners. If you are just starting your first blogging website. The low price means low risk and easy to do experiments.

Cons of the shared web hosting

You saw the advantages of shared hosting but everything has positive as well as negative aspects. It`s time to see the negative aspects of shared hosting. Shared hosting has a very low price but still, low prices have some disadvantages.

  • The loading time of the website may be too much slower in comparison to the other web hosting.
  • When traffic on your website will increases then you will notice that the performance of your site will become worse.
  • You will never know with whom you are sharing the server. These servers don`t provide the information about your neighbors with whom you are sharing the website.
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There are some popular web hosting providers

Shared hosting

  • Namecheap- This is one of the trusted hosting providers having very good annual plans for you. The prices are starting from $1.4per month. This can be a good package for beginners and small bloggers.

After this, If traffic on your website will increase then you switch to the next plan of $2.4per month & $4.4per month.

  • Hostinger-Hostinger is a well-known web hosting service provider in the market. It is said that hosting provides the cheapest price in the market. If you are a beginner or an owner of a small blog the best package start with just $0.80 per month, if you are a writer and the owner of a medium website then the best package for you is $2.15per month.
  • Bluehost-It`s one of the best hosting providers in the market. They are reliable and you can trust them. Bluehost has some awesome plans if you are planning to purchase low-priced web hosting. The basic plan starts with just $2.95 per month. Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Plan is the best choice for you.
  • Bigrock-If you ever search for hosting most probable you found the big rock website. It`s a very famous company and one of the most reliable company, The best plains start at just $1.5 per month

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