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Dedicated web hosting is a package of hosting provided by the service provider where the user gets an entire server on rent. Often, the owners of large e-commerce websites or high-traffic websites buy this type of hosting. If you are planning to buy dedicated web hosting then you are in right place. We will discuss the features and pros of a dedicated server.

Dedicated web hosting is a very powerful web hosting. The user gets full control over server hardware and software. you will get a blank state server after that you have to set your server according to your website`s requirement. Here you can add some elements according to your preference. This is what makes your website normal visitors on your website.

Types of the Dedicated Server

Basically, there are two types of a dedicated server

  1. Managed server-The server managed by the hosting provider is called the managed server at the same time user gets the support from the service provider. Here service provider is accountable.
  2. Unmanaged server-User have to manage the server and the service provider will not responsible for any issue.

Advantages of the Dedicated Web Hosting

Advantages of Dedicated server

There is the number of benefits of dedicated hosting, It`s best for the website who carries a large amount of traffic and The companies having sensitive data.

Improve the performance of the website

this server will improve your website loading time and It actually matters a lot. It will also help you to make our website a steady performance. Now, what is a steady performance? To keep things simple, steady performance means the loading time of your website will be the same while carrying a high amount of traffic on your website.

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Very good security

Generally, financial institutions and companies having sensitive data use hosting with a dedicated server. The user doesn’t share the server this reduces the risk of security and because of full control on the server, It becomes easy to increase the security of the website.

  More Flexible

With a dedicated IP server. You will get full control of the server software and hardware. The first thing that comes out when you go to buy this hosting is. The user has to make a choice between Linux and window operating system. Generally, window operating systems are easy to use but you should choose what suits your website.

Great level of reliability and scalability

Dedicated Server

If you are a blogger or an owner of an e-commerce website then most probably you faced the problem of a website crash. It`s actually a worse case when your site is not there when you need it. One of the biggest advantages of dedicated hosting is users have always available server resources when their website has a high level of traffic.

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