Bluehost Codeguard

Codeguard is a service that provides an automated database backup solution to a website. Codeguard monitors your website database regularly. If you are having a code guard then you do need to worry about the data of your website. It will notify you about the changes & backups detected on your websites. It also allows you to restore your website’s previous data. The Bluehost Codeguard is the best for your website. This will helps you in creating a backup of your website and facing any kind of disaster strike. If you are going to use this then you will get the best features.

What are the benefits of Bluehost Codeguard?

Bluehost Codeguard Services

Bluehost Codeguard is one of the best forms to keep your website safe & secure. With the help of backup, you are allowed to secure all the data & files of your websites. In this, you will get multiple benefits like:-

  • Daily Backups: Secure all your hard work with an automatic, daily backup of your site.
  • Monitoring: Rest easy knowing CodeGuard is diligently checking your site for changes every day.
  • One-Click Restore: Revert to a previous version of your website with just one click.
  • Redundancy: Redundant copies of your backups are stored across multiple secure locations.

Why it is essential to have Bluehost CodeGuard?

A Bluehost CodeGuard is a plus point for all the buyers who are going to use its services. With the help of its services, you can easily create a backup of your websites/database.  You can restore all your data & files of a website with the help of Codeguard. This one is the most valuable service of Bluehost that will help you in keeping your website performance more valuable for you. With the help of this, you no need to worry about your website. All the blogs and data of your website are totally secure with the help of Bluehost Codeguard.

Prices of Bluehost Codeguard

Bluehost Codeguard Price

If you want to buy this Bluehost Codeguard then you can buy its basic plans.  This Bluehost Codeguard basic plan is very reasonable for you. Only at you are you allowed to secure your website data and files. If you want to own this feature for a year then you have to pay $35.88 for a year. So use its services and secure your website with the best backup & automated solution.

Is Bluehost CodeGuard Free?

Yes, Bluehost offers you free services of Codeguard in its plans. In some plans, you will get this Codeguard facility, which will help you in keeping your website safe & secure. If any of the plans is not having this feature free then you can buy this by using the Bluehost Codeguard facility.

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