Traditional Art vs Digital Art

Art is a way that allows artists to express their imagination or how they feel. There are two forms of art available ie Traditional and Digital art. People choose any of them as per their interest as well as convenience. Digital vs Traditional debate is an ongoing topic that has no end. Both sides always try to claim that the form of art they use is better than the other one. In this ongoing debate, we will also try to have a detailed comparison of Traditional Art vs Digital Art.

What are the similarities and differences between Traditional art and Digital art?

Traditional art has been with us since ancient times and explorers keep on exploring ancient art around the world. On the other side, Digital art is just a few decades old and still evolving itself. However, Traditional and digital both have some similarities as well as differences that you must know before choosing any of them.0

Similarities between Traditional art and Digital art

Below we have mentioned some of the similarities between traditional and digital art.

  • Visual: Both Digital and Traditional Art are visual forms of expression through the process behind making them is entirely different. 
  • Purpose: Whether you have created the art on a digital or traditional platform, it serves the same purpose. The purpose is to create an attractive piece of art that leaves an impression on whoever looks at it.
  • Objective: The meaning of art can vary for each viewer. If two people are looking at art, the perspective of both the viewer can be different for the art and that’s the objective of an artist; to achieve a different perspective from each viewer.
  • Universal Language: It doesn’t matter if an artist uses a digital or traditional form of art to create art. Both forms of art speak in the same manner because the language of art is universal. Both Digital Art and Traditional Art have been used to send the message of social awareness/inequality(as a form of expression) among people. 

Differences between Traditional art and Digital art

Some of the major differences between traditional and digital art are below outlined

  • Undo Mistake: Art made on a digital platform can be undone if you made any mistake so you can rectify the same. But on the other side, there is no Undo button on the traditional platform of art. If you made any mistake then all you can do is to cover it up.
  • Reproduction: A traditional art can’t be reproduced again as if an artist tries to do the same, there will be some difference and that’s what makes traditional art unique. Whereas, it is easy to reproduce digital art.
  • Material: A traditional artist uses paint, canvas, brushes, and other important material to create art but at some point, the artist will run out of these materials and he will have to buy them again. On the other side, All a digital artist needs is digital art software that provides all the digital tools to create digital art.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages between Traditional art vs Digital art?

There are various factors that everyone should take into consideration while choosing any form of art. Because both art forms have some advantages as well as disadvantages which we have mentioned below.

Advantages of Traditional Art

pros and cons of Traditional Art

  • Originality: Each art created traditionally can not be created in the same way again that’s why the traditional arts are more valuable than digital arts due to their originality.
  • Equipment: Equipment and materials used to create traditional art are paints, brushes, canvas, and other tangible things.
  • Hand-On Experience: By choosing traditional art, you can learn to manipulate a brush to create different paint strokes.

Disadvantages of Traditional Art

  • No Undo: Unlike the digital platforms, there is no undo button in traditional art to undo the mistake you made.
  • Difficult Reproduction: As mentioned earlier, you can’t reproduce the same art as the original. To reproduce the same, you need a scanner but the reproduced copies will be less worthy than the original one.
  • Limitation of Equipment & Materials: There will be a time when you will run out of the material to create art. To continue creating the art, you need to buy them again.

Advantages of Digital Art

pros and cons of Digital Art

  • Easy & Efficient: Digital art software provides you all the required tool at your fingertips that helps you to create art in less time
  • Undo: To make perfect art, there is a undo button provided in every digital art application that can undo the mistake you made.
  • Easy Reproduction: In the Digital art platform, You can make as many duplicate files as you can without losing a single frame of the art by printing them on textured paper.
  • Equipment: All you need is software installed on your device and you are all set to create a masterpiece.

Disadvantages of Digital Art

    • Less Worth: A art created on a digital platform has less worth than the art created traditionally. Because the art created by hand has more authentic value than the art created digitally. However Digital art is gaining its own value among the artists as well as the audience. recently one of digital art made by an American artist Mike Winkelmann formally known by his artist name Beepal, sold for $69 million in an auction. Here is the source for your reference.
  • No Originality: As a digital artist makes the art of digital art software so there is no original physical copy. It can be printed on textured paper but it is not the same as traditional art.

Is traditional art better than digital art?

Traditional art is considered to be more valuable than digital art because each piece of traditional art has a uniqueness that can not be done again. It is also impossible to duplicate your work in the case of traditional art.

Is digital art the future?

Today we have seen thousands of animated movies as well as Animes that are being created on digital art softwares and that’s not going to stop here. Digital art is already on a booming stage and is going to expand further and push its boundaries. However, if you think that traditional art will lose its worth then you are thinking in the wrong way because traditional art has its own worth and value which is not going to go away soon.

Can I make money with digital art?

Yes, a Digital artist can make money. There are various types of digital artists such as comic creators, animators, illustrators, manga artists, etc who earn a good income by creating digital art.


The debate of traditional art vs digital art is not going to be over soon. In fact, both forms will evolve further with more tools that will help the artist to create eye-catching art. Traditional art will never be entirely replaced by digital art as it has its value. But the digital form will continue to update itself to serve better.

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