Top 10 most valuable cherished teddies

Cherished teddies are those teddies that are made for any purpose, specific day, and role of any person, like dressing up for Halloween, or making breakfast for Mother’s Day, and Christmas teddies. In this article, we will consult the top 10 most valuable cherished teddies. Support you in finding the value of your teddies model and provide you with some crucial information to maintain your most valuable and cherished teddies.

Model and Registration Numbers

It is the first and most important step to finding the model and registration number. Because if you do not collect the number, you cannot find the original price of the cherished teddies. Even though you can sell these teddies with the original model number and registration number, that’s why it’s a very important step.

Characteristics That Impact Value

Here are some characteristics that  impact your value

  • Condition
  • Age
  • Retired

The first factor is the condition of your product; this factor is very important. If your product is in excellent condition, then your price is very high, and if your product’s condition is bad, then automatically your price is down.

The second factor is the age, which means how old your product is. If your product is 50–60 years old, then its cost will increase. If your product age is low, then your product values are low.

The third step is retired, which means if your product is made for a specific decay, then after the decay ends, it is never produced likewise, and your model is retired. It means your product value is high.

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Finding Price Online

If you want to find your Cherished Teddies price online, there are simple ways to find your price. First of all, you take your registration number and model number and then search on Google, eBay, or Reddit, and you will easily find your cherished Teddy price.

Here Are the Top 10 Most Valuable Cherished Teddies

  1. Shea and Lexy
  2. Teresa & Randall
  3. Priscilla, Norman, and Glenn
  4. Imogen & Pam
  5. Flora
  6. Kimberly, Katheryn, and Katie
  7. North Pole Express Collection
  8. Dianne
  9. Bev, Bertha & Bethanyi
  10. Cassi

1. Shea & Lexy

Cherished Teddies

Here are two teddies and the names of both teddies are Shea & Lexy which are present in the garden to water the plant. These teddies are in good condition with original paperwork and packaging.

  • Cost: $610
  • Model Number: 4016841
  • Enrollment: XICO/103Retired: NO

2. Teresa & Randall

teresa & randail

Both teddies are so cute and the names of these teddies are Teresa & Randall. The Teresa & Randall are made on the concept of a Halloween theme. Both teddies are holding a Halloween bucket and in another hand one taddy has candy, and the Second teddy is holding the thread of a car.

  • Cost: $380
  • Model Number: 4047368
  • Enrollment: XVIC/626
  • Retired: NO

3. Priscilla, Norman & Glenn

Cherished Teddies

The trio of these teddies is made on the concept of Halloween and their names are Priscilla, Norman & Glenn. It is in better condition and has original packaging with the original product.

  • Cost: $250
  • Model Number: 4008963
  • Enrollment: Unknown
  • Retired: NO

4. Imogen & Pam

imogen & pam

Both teddies are so beautiful, so elegant just looking like a wow. The names of these teddies are Imogen & Pam. This teddy is made on the concept of dating. They are dating in the garden with a white beautiful cat.

  • Cost: $225
  • Model Number: 4004847
  • Enrollment: Unknown
  • Retired: No
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5. Flora


The name of the teddy is Flora and the concept of this teddy is so good. Teddy is sitting on an egg designing a car and the duck is a drug. Bear is holding the umbrella, the color combination is also good.

  • Cost: $225
  • Model Number: 4012272
  • Enrollment: Unknown
  • Retired: No

6. Kimberly, Katheryn & Katie

Cherished Teddies

The trio is standing on the dirt and glued on the bottom of this model. The concept of this model is the winter season and the teddies are walking outside with a thread of rabbits and also a bucket. The names of these teddies are Kimberly, Katheryn, and Katie.

  • Cost: $225
  • Model Number: 4015559
  • Enrollment: XCO/851
  • Retired: NO

7. North Pole Express Collection

Cherished Teddies

The model name is North Pole Express collection and the concept of this model is a jingle bell everyone links together to create a train. The condition of the model is also very good with the original packaging.

  • Cost: $193
  • Model Number: 116470, 116471, 116473, 1119034
  • Enrollment: Unknown
  • Retired: No

8. Dianne


“Friends of a Feather” It cherished teddy’s name is Dianne. In 2021 this is sold for almost $200 because of its high-quality condition and original packaging with real products. A teddy with a good color combination holds a pink duck.

  • Cost: $192
  • Model Number: 4016849
  • Enrollment: XICO/649
  • Retired: NO

9. Bev, Bertha & Bethany

Cherished Teddies

This Model concept is very good for friendship in this model trio big teddies and dua small teddies are present. Also a good color combination in this model. These are present in a mirror wooden table.

  • Cost: $156
  • Model Number: 104632
  • Enrollment: 02078 out of 10000
  • Retired: N/A
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10. Cassi


 “I picked a little sunshine for you” The Title is based on this model and its name is Cassi. Teddy is covered with sunflowers and also takes sunflowers. Which is a good combination of original packaging and real product.

  • Cost: $58.00
  • Model Number: aS7od7251
  • Enrollment: 118822
  • Retired: J/A

FAQs About Cherished Teddies

Do people still collect Cherished Teddies?

Yes, there are two sweet little teddies still collected and everyone loves these teddies. Their names are Priscilla and Glenn. So that people still collect cherished teddies.

Who made Cherished Teddies?

Priscilla Hillman was a man who made teddies in 1991 while she was recovering from an accident. 

Why are teddies so expensive?

Teddies are so expensive because of some reasons like brand value, Material, Handicraft, and age. If high-quality material is used then the cost is high.

Who has the most teddies in the world?

Istvánné Arnóczki is a man who held the largest collection of teddy bears because he grew up in poverty and never owned a teddy bear in his childhood.

What is the most favorite teddy bear?

Winnie-the-Pooh is the most favorite teddy bear in the globe because it is a symbol in a series of stories authored by A.A. Milne,

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