BlueHost Shared VS WordPress

Are you confused about whether to use Bluehost shared or WordPress hosting for your website? This is the question that arises now and then when starting a new website. Every beginner wonders which hosting suits their needs while starting a website. Shared VS Managed hosting has been a hot topic for a long time now. So in this article, we have come up with all the Bluehost Shared VS Managed WordPress Hosting information to solve the debate and the queries.

BlueHost Shared Web Hosting

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BlueHost WordPress Hosting

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Difference between Bluehost Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Before heading towards the difference between Bluehost shared and WordPress hosting, let’s first understand the essential fundamental aspects to create a website.

Starting a website needs 2 most important things a domain name and a web hosting account. A domain name is the address of your website and a web host is a space where your webpages files, data, information are stored.

So, whenever someone types your site URL in the address bar of their browser, the web files are fetched from the web hosting account and get access to your live website.

In this process, beginners get in touch with Shared and WordPress hosting. This is the topic that is mostly searched by the folks in the search engines.

Now, there are also different types of hosting services available with Bluehost including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and even dedicated hosting. But as we are talking about Bluehost shared hosting VS WordPress hosting we’ll focus on these two and understand each of them better.

Let us first understand about Bluehost Shared web hosting.

Comparision Shared VS WordPress

What is Bluehost Shared Hosting?

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BlueHost Shared Hosting is a type of hosting where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. In this shared web hosting solution, your website shares resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space in a single server with a number of websites.

Since the resources are shared with other websites the hosting service becomes affordable for you. Because you’re sharing resources, the amount of price will also distribute among other website owners.

Anyone planning to begin a blogging website or small business can consider using Shared hosting to keep expenses down. Also, a low-traffic website under 10,000 visitors or a personal site should use Bluehost’s shared hosting service at the starting of their online career.

Now moving on to Bluehost WordPress hosting,

What is Bluehost WordPress hosting?

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BlueHost WordPress Hosting is a type of hosting that uses powerful technology to create your WordPress site and to make it secure and fast. WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. It provides everything you need to create a beautiful and powerful website.

According to the statement, this free and open-source content management system (CMS) powers over 75 million websites – over a quarter of all the websites in the world.

This WordPress hosting can work on all kinds of websites, including those on inexpensive shared hosting accounts. If we see dedicated WordPress hosting plans, it is designed to allow the user to take full advantage of its features.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting: Features & Pricing

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan, Price, and Features

It holds four different plans for the users – Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. The hosting plan ranges from $2.95 – $13.95 per month.

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The feature includes 1 website, 50 GB SSD Storage, Unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, Standard performance, and 1 free Domain for the basic plan. While going for a higher plan (Pro) can give you extra features such as unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, high performance, 2 spam experts, domain privacy + protection, unlimited domains, and more.

All the shared hosting plans from basic to pro will offer you Domains, Resource Protection, Scalability, SSL certificates, and Marketing Credits. Whereas advanced plan has some add-ons features like – Multi-server management, access control, content delivery network, advanced capabilities, unique IPs, Domain + Protection, SiteLock, CodeGuard, and Spam Protection.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan, Price, and Features

Bluehost WordPress hosting holds three different plans for the users – Build, Grow and Scale. The hosting plan ranges from $19.95 – $49.95 per month.

WordPress Build plan is a basic plan for starting a professional WordPress website. With it you’ll get Jetpack Site Analytic (basic), a Marketing center to monitor your traffic, 100+ free WordPress Themes, daily scheduled backups, malware detection and removal, domain privacy + protection, and 1 office 365 mailbox free for 30 days.

However, moving on with the higher plan (Grow & Scale) will offer you extra features such as Bluehost SEO tools, premium jetpack, unlimited backups and restore, unlimited video compression, elastic search, 10GB video compression, and more.

Whichever Bluehost WordPress hosting plan you buy for your site, it comes with enriching features. All the plans include unlimited websites, unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited web storage, staging environment, no traffic limits, free SSL, spam protection, SSD disk space, CDN enabled, WP auto-updates, 24*7 customer support, and 30-days money-back guarantee.

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The main differences between shared Vs managed WordPress hosting

Shared VS WordPress Bluehost

  • In shared hosting, you’ll share single server resources with tens or hundreds of other sites, while managed WordPress hosting is only for WordPress. On this, the client will get dedicated IP and dedicated resources to only one website. WordPress hosting can be shared, dedicated, or something else entirely.
  • Shared hosting is low-cost and is basically for startup and small business websites. Whereas WordPress hosting can be a little expensive compared to shared hosting and you can use it for all kinds of websites whether it’s a blogging website or business website.
  • WordPress hosting is for those who are a beginner and don’t know how to operate a website. WordPress comes with Content Management System (CMS) that helps to create websites easily. While in Shared hosting you have to manage the website yourself.
  • Automatic backups and updates are provided with WordPress hosting, whereas you have to pay in shared hosting.

Conclusion: Shared Hosting VS WordPress Hosting

Both the Bluehost shared hosting and WordPress hosting are the best services for launching your website. In a Shared hosting plan, your resources will be shared among other websites, whereas in WordPress hosting only the WordPress sites are hosted. Both the hosting packages are offered at reasonable prices by Bluehost. Therefore whichever hosting plan you choose for your site at the starting you’ll be in benefit. As the company is offering a money-back guarantee, site migration and customer support, you do not need to worry about the product. Once your site starts getting traffic, you can upgrade it to a reliable version.

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