Both Bing ads and Google ads are useful to promote your product over the search engine. They are used for a similar purpose to boost your business by advertising your products online. 

But they are different from one another and that is why these questions arise: which is better: bing ads or google ads????  Here we will give you 10 reasons why bing ads are better than google ads.

Differences between Google and Bing ads can easily describe why Bing advertisements are better than Google advertisements.

Why You Should Use Bing Ads?

Bing advertisement has a great scope in the field to explore your business worldwide. Now, Bing ads have become Microsoft advertising. It shows Bing is flexible and brings time-to-time updates. You can select by click on an option of a campaign that is available on Microsoft. 

It has limited customers and you can get a better and quick result. Bing ads are one of the best alternatives to Google advertisements.

Bing ads vs Google ads have these differences which makes a huge comparison. There are almost 10 reasons why Bing ads are better than Google ads. 

10 Reasons Why Bing Ads Is Better Than Google Ads?

Bing ads and Google ads perform the same functions but you can also compare them on different bases. When we compare Bing ads vs Google ads based on a different function. Then, you can get a better answer by knowing 10 reasons why Bing ads are better than Google ads. 

1 Pocket-friendly 

If you are looking to promote your ads on a platform like Bing. Then, it can be a great opportunity to post your advertisement at a reasonable price. So, Don’t wait, apply now for a Bing ads promo code to publish your ads which can save your money also. 

While the publisher of Google ads can charge a high amount against the ads which you want to publish. The use of Bing advertisements is less costly than Google ads. Google ads are expensive because they are not customer-specific. 

2 Volume

Bing has less volume which leads to getting results of posting ads quickly. It contains minimum customers because Bing ads are used to publish and target particular customers who need them. This can be analyzed by the search console or can take help from the Keyword planner extension. 

While Google has a high volume and difficulty getting customers in less time. Advertisements of Google ads do not show to a particular customer. It has a variety of keywords that can be searched by users. 

3 Target Customer

Bing ads can easily target or reach its customers. It is because Bing users are limited and these search engines are mainly used for shopping or financial purposes. 

Whereas, Google is used by lots of people which leads to taking maximum to reach customers. It happens because lots of keywords are in searches which can be a time taken process. 

4 PPC(Pay-Per-Click)

The price of PPC(Pay-Per-Click) of Bing ads is not expensive due to fewer searches and targeting of customers. Bing only shows ads to reach direct customers, so you have to pay money when you get clicks. This process is budget-friendly because Bing targets limited customers to search keywords.

On the other hand, Google ads charge a higher amount. Google advertisements become visible to all. It means anyone can click on your ad. And you have to pay the amount against the clicks you get through Google advertisements. Learn the best Google ads techniques with a digital marketing course in Rohini for a better understanding 


Bing advertisements have less volume and can easily get customers which leads to less competition. 

While Google ads contain volume because it is on top position and used by many users. This is the reason google ads have a higher competition while publishing ads. 


Bing users have higher control to boost the performance of your advertisement. You can select the campaign and target users for your ads from the official site of Microsoft. 

On the other hand, Google ads do not have this control to reach the customers or users at minimum time.

Device targeting

Device targeting can easily describe Bing ads vs Google ads differences. Bing advertisements have an option to target specific devices to promote. You can target Mobile or PC users to show your ads maximum time on search engines. It leads to showing your advertisement more on targeting devices. 

Whereas, Google ads do not have this option to target devices. It means you are not able to show your ads on a particular device. 


Bing ads vs Google ads have high transparency when compared to each other. You can see the information related to traffic, impression, and clicks of a particular country from the Microsoft campaign. 

On the other hand, Google ads also show these details, but Bing ads provide more transparency in their result.

Social Extensions

Bing ads are useful to provide a better social extension. You can get the result from social platforms Like Twitter to reach the needs of your customer. Twitter is the best way to get followers through ads. It is used by many people. 

Whereas, Google ads show the result of Google+ followers. But, Google+ social extension is in limited use. Because of this, Bing advertisements have great scope to promote and explore products as compared to Google ads.

Market friendly

Based on Market-friendly, there is a big difference between Google and Bing ads. Bing ads are market-friendly for customers related to shopping and finance. You can use Bing Ads to get organic traffic. 

On the other hand, Google advertisements are not useful to provide specific users for your products. In this case, Bing ads are useful and market-friendly. It is because this platform gives you the authority.

How To Get Traffic On Bing Ads?

Proper planning is important to get traffic or customers through Bing advertisements. Follow these points to remind you how to get clicks and traffic on Bing ads. Bing users use the Keyword Research tool to get their search customers. 

While Google is a competitor of Bing. You can use Google Keyword Planner to get the keywords that are in searches. But Bing Keyword Research tools provide more information than Google which you can utilize during an advertisement. This is the main comparison of Bing ads vs Google ads. We can give you the genuine 10 reasons why Bing ads are better than Google ads.

But, you can analyze the list of ads before posting it in Bing. 

  • Use Bing Keyword Research tool. It contains information like Impression, Clicks, CTR(Cost Through Rate), Positions of keywords, etc. 
  • Create a campaign and choose customers according to your products. This can also be known as search customers because it meets your needs. 
  • Now, use those keywords which have high impressions and click and minimum PPC(Pay-Per-Click).
  • All these activities lead to receiving more traffic and clicks on Bing advertisements. 

Why Bing Ads Is Better Than Google?

As we have discussed the overall main 10 reasons why Bing ads is better than Google ads. There are several main reasons why Bing ads reach the top position. Google is best to provide huge data for your query. Bing has limited information because of less volume but also contains useful results. 

If you compare both these Bing or Google search engines on the basis of competition. Then, due to minimum volume Bing ads are less competitive than Google. 

Bing ads are also useful because of PPC(Pay-Per-Click). Bing ads bring clicks from specific customers. Whereas, Google contains vast volume so, it can also generate unnecessary clicks. This means, whether sales occur or not but you have to pay the fee for each click.

Is Bing Good For Advertising?

Bing is a good option for advertising because of the amazing features of the Bing ads campaign. You can see those features which are helping to tell you why the reasons for Bing advertisement are helpful.

  • Bing is the first and best alternative to Google, which is used by millions of people
  • Bing campaign contains many options to get relevant customers
  • Pay-Per-Click of Bing is not costly than Google advertisements
  • Bing has less volume which is useful to get those customers which can boost sales level

Final Verdict For Why Bing Ads Is Better Than Google Ads?

So, we have discussed the 10 reasons why Bing ads are better than Google ads. Now, you can see how Bing advertisements are more useful for search customers than Google ads. 

Bing Ads can be beneficial if you use them in proper steps. PPC, Volume, Competition, and Control on ads are the basic difference between Google and Bing ads. Google provides many results and solutions while Bing gives limited but exact results which can be better for you.

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