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If you host a website on the Hostgator platform and want to control its services then you can do it with the Control Panel. Control Panel will be the best web hosting account management tool. This is used to access the web hosting plan of HostGator shared web hosting, Dedicated, VPS, reseller, and Linux hosting. Here are many different ways to get access to your cPanel. With the help of the Hostgator cPanel, you can configure the services of Hostgator very easily. You can get access to the HostGator services by using Gmail. So let’s get to know how you can easily log in to Hostgator.

Ways to get a login to Hostgator

Here are different ways to log in o the Hostgator. So let’s check out all the ways one by one and get into the Hostgator.

1.     Welcome Email

When you buy any of the Hostgator Plan then you will get a welcome mail. In the welcome email, you will get pertinent information about your new hosting package. In the email, you will get the following information to log in.

Hostgator Control Panel

  • User control panel
  • Username
  • Passwords

In your control panel, you will get a direct link to the access control panel. The link is valid for the:2083 you have to open the link in the new window or bookmark it if you need it. Click on that link and fill in the required information sent to your username or password. Then you will get login into it.

If you didn’t get the mail with the link and username password then please contact the HostGator 24/7 support services via phone call, email, live chat.

2.     Customer Portal Access for Shared & Cloud Hosting

If you want to own a shared and cloud web hosting plan then the customer portal provides you a single sign-on option. To get access to this customer portal you need to follow the easy steps. The steps are easy to use for the kind of users. So go with the mentioned tutorial and get access to the Hostgator platform.

Hostgator Customer Portao Access

  • Log in to the customer portal
  • On the dashboard choose a plan in which you want to get access to the Cpanel. Options are shared or cloud hosting plans.
  • With the section of the Hosting package click on the launch cPanel
  • A new tap will open when you get a log to int the Hostgator Cpanel.

The tutorial I have mentioned above it’s one of the simplest ways to log in to the  Hostgator Cpanel. You only need to follow the tutorial and get access to the Cpanel of the Hostgator.

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