How Good Is Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk is a leading company that makes software products for 3D design, engineering, and entertainment.  Their software automates processes which enhances productivity while saving an enormous time. Some of their programs are Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Sketchbook, and more. Their software operates using cloud technology helping their teams and users co-function in a seamlessly integrated fashion thereby bringing to life their 3D visualizations.

Autodesk’s inventor is one of its highlighted programs that has various benefits. Before you get to know how good is Autodesk Inventor, we have explained what exactly Autodesk Inventor is.

What is Autodesk Inventor used for?

Autodesk Inventor is one such powerful software that makes 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation simple. It offers a complete array of faster design and engineering tools which take away many of your cumbersome processes. Its design capabilities include parametric, direct, freeform, and rule-based. Below are its prominent features.

How Good are Autodesk Inventor Features?

Check out the major features that you get with Inventor from Autodesk that we have explained in the below list.

Does any Similar Product Exist At Autodesk At Discounted Price?

Yes, Autodesk has so many products like Inventor but if you go with Autodesk Revit it will give you design and sketching-like features Also you can use the Autodesk Revit Promo Code to save extra money. Also, you can save bucks on the lite version of Revit by using Revit LT Promo Code at a discount of 40%.

Product Design

Product design is the key to fulfilling user needs while keeping these aligned with business goals for successful products. Autodesk Inventor offers “Parametric Modeling,” allowing the designer to create and modify 3D models through an intuitive user interface. It also offers “Assembly Modelling’ allowing the designer to visualize the assembly in 3D to ensure seamless integration at all levels of assembly. Additionally, it offers “Drawing Software’ to express your creativity by drawing clear, accurate, and detailed drawings for more predictable manufacturing processes. 

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Collaboration is essential for teams to bring together their specialized expressions of creativity. It enables the absolute integration of designs and models to innovate successful products. Autodesk Inventor offers Shared View Collaboration allowing anyone to review and comment on their Autodesk Viewer. It also offers ‘Work with Non-Native Data’ where it recognizes non-native data and continues its associative link with it for use as required for designing and modeling. Additionally, it offers ‘Building Information Modeling (BIM)’ allowing flawless data exchanges across disciplines, products, and formats. 

Design Automation

Automating the design process based on appropriate input saves a lot of designers’ and engineers’ work. Such automation software requires engineering knowledge and intent. Autodesk Inventor offers ‘Design Configurations’ which is powered by iLogic, functionality to create engineering logic in the form of It also offers ‘Automated Frame Design’ to design and test structural frames in little time. Additionally, it offers a ‘Sheet Metal’ feature to design complex sheet metal products. 


Modeling is a very important step as it takes us closer to the experience through simulation and visualization. Autodesk Inventor offers “Model-Based Definition (MBD)’ capabilities as per the industry standard – STEP AP242. It also offers “Content Center Libraries’ which allow you to choose your standard components. Additionally, it also offers a ‘Shape Generator’ which lets the designers refine their designs by maximizing the part stiffness. 

Autodesk Inventor also offers different kinds of modeling capabilities such as flexible, direct, and freeform. Moreover, Autodesk also offers other features such as Mechanical concept and layout design, Component generators and calculators, and Tube and pipe design. 

Connected Data

The integration of data from various sources of teams is essential to bringing out complete and useful information. Autodesk Inventor offers ‘Printed Circuit Board Interoperability’ which makes the integration of electronic and mechanical design data easy and useful. Also, it offers Data Management’ through Vault product data management (PDM) software giving a central data source thereby streamlining workflows to increase productivity. 

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Simulation & Visualisation

Seeing the models in action before manufacturing these is a great advantage as it enables us to foresee the process and associated problems before manufacturing. Autodesk Inventor offers a ‘Dynamic Simulation’ feature that allows you to apply real-life forces such as gravity, torque, motion, speed, acceleration, and other forces in the simulation process so that you can ensure the desired outcome. It also offers a ‘Stress Analysis’ feature which checks the durability of various parts of the assembly or the whole product to ensure the expected performance and long life of the product. Additionally, it offers an ‘Exploded views and animations’ feature to help you zoom in on the animations of complex assemblies in the product documentation, manuals, and assembly instructions. 

Export And Publishing

Furthermore, design and data sharing can be done in many formats. It also has a dual dimensioning feature saving you time in converting dimensions from one unit to another. You can digitally sketch 2D drawings without the need for a 3D model. Parametric and design tools cater to a wide variety of user needs giving you a host of options to get the best product. Its ability to explode the drawings gives you the ability to learn and train quickly and effectively.

Other Benefits

Moreover, it gives you the ability to unleash your creativity and employ your intelligence in a sophisticated and successful way. Its user interface is friendly and the company regularly improvises basic customer feedback. It has a comprehensive knowledge library that supports the making of successful designs. It has high value for money and is affordable compared to some other software. The software has made complex analysis options very easy and time-saving. For example, it has an analysis of thermal, mass/density, strength, and others. Its apps are easy to learn with the company support, induction process, and learning videos available.

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How Much Does Autodesk Inventor Cost?

Autodesk Inventor offers four plans namely, Standard, Premium, Enterprise, and Education. The standard plan is for individual use or small teams, while the Premium Plan is for a team size of 50 persons or more. The enterprise plan is for extra-large teams. The education plan is for educators and students. The Enterprise plan comprises most features. Additional features can also be added to the Enterprise plan as per the enterprise’s needs.

If you feel this Software is expensive so you can use alternative software that helped you in designing and photo editing which is Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and Photoshop. all these help you to make a 3D design but in low quality.

Wrapping Up

In short, Autodesk Inventor software applications augment the work and workflows of architects, engineers, contractors, and business owner thereby facilitating the creation of innovative products which are aligned with business goals and useful to the users. Autodesk offers training and certifications to help its software users. 

The company also hosts conferences and events inviting domain specialists to enhance support. Autodesk gives a one-year free subscription to students and educators. It also offers free trials for others. It also has ever-growing forums, groups, and blogs for users to enrich their experience of using their apps. We would recommend you to take its free trial subscription to see how good is, and if you like it, you can go for any of its paid subscriptions.

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