Best Free Cloud Storage For Windows 10

As most of the users use windows 10 because of its easy to use interface. But they are not aware of which is the best free cloud storage for windows 10. Because to keep all your data and files safe you must have to create a cloud. You can use free cloud strage for windows 10 to keep your any kind of data and files save.

Which Cloud Storage Is Free For Windows 10?

best 5 free cloud storage for windows 10

When you search for the best you will get multiple option to choos. So, after a godd research we have conduct a list of 5 best free cloud storage for windows 10. These software have all the amazing and easy to use interface. With these software you can easily reserve your any data & file. 

  • GDrive
  • Mega 
  • pCloud
  • Idrive
  • Sync

Security is a major concern while we are talking about cloud storage. So we cover the best & secure free cloud storage provider. All these applications are compatible with Windows.

GDrive: Best File Sharing Platform & Personal 15GB Cloud Storage 

GDrive is our top option for free cloud storage for windows 10. The company gives you 15GB of free storage for use. It offers multiple tools on which you can simply edit, add comments, or suggestions on the files. The best thing is that you can simply access your cloud account with any device, whether it is a phone or pc. You can save your pc or laptop data and manage it anytime from anywhere.

GDrive is also known for the most secure storage for windows. It is part of your Google account. If you use google workspace you can make a new doc using a sheet, word, slides, and many more. Your files are automatically saved on Gdrive. It also provides a simple sharing file option which gives tough competition to their Rivals. 

Mega: Highest Free Space Provider

Mega Cloud offers 15GB free cloud storage for Windows 10. You can download MegaCloud’s app on Windows. The company is popular in cloud storage industry because of its amazing secure services. This is the most recommended free cloud storage company for lots of free space. This is why Mega is on our list of free storage for Windows 10. The company has lots of impressive features like end-to-end encryptions, a user web interface, security, and affordable pricing.

The company offers many user-friendly tools for optimization. You can preview all your files before sharing or downloading. It allows you to set permissions to share files or folders with selected people. This application has saved your previous format of the file and the previous format can be recovered if you edit it or change it by mistake

pCloud: Fast And Reliable Cloud Storage Option

pCloud is a fast-growing company among cloud storage providers. It is known for its fast speed and smart features. This is the most recommended cloud storage by people. You can get 10GB of free storage with a pCloud account. Download or upload speeds are impressive due to pCloud’s worldwide servers. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

pCloud gives you more features such as it allowing you to share any type of large file within minutes and sync them across devices. It software is compatible for any kind of devices but here we consider this as free cloud storage for windows 10.

If user want to use its paid subscription then you have great option to use it. You can buy it for monthly, yearly or for lifetime use. pCloud lifetime subscription deal is most popular option to get its services via one time payment method.

The application offers an easy-to-use intuitive interface through which you can easily manage your personal or business files. If you face any error on the pCloud you can easily connect with 24×7 pCloud support. You can also lock your confidential files on the pCloud crypto folder with high-end security. The accessibility of pCloud free storage is far better than others. You can easily access your files with any device on the go.

IDrive: Best For The BackUps

IDrive is a cloud backup software with a wide range of features. It is the optimal choice for data backup. It offers its cloud storage service at great prices and has a free plan as well. IDrive is the perfect solution for small or larger businesses. You can download its windows, mac, or android app. You can download this free cloud storage for windows 10 with limited storage.

The features of Idrive are very effective you can back up any individual files in folders. You can set the schedule for the backup according to your time. You will receive an email when the uploads are successful or failed. You can share multiple files at once and file sharing speed will remain the same. IDrive offers you a user-friendly interface through which you can see all your backup files. IDrive is a secure way to restore or backup your data online.

Sync: Most Secure Cloud Storage

There are lot of free cloud storage for windows 10 in the market but sync is growing in popularity. Sync is our first choice if we are talking about secure cloud storage. It is 100% safe-secure to use to store files on a cloud platform. Most of the users are concerned because of cloud storage security, so the best solution is Sync.

It offers you 5GB of free space and this space limit can be shared per month. Sync has many affordable plans for individuals or businesses. The company provides a modern dashboard that is very easy to use. Sync also offers backup and recovery options that allow users to get earlier versions of files. It has a vault option to keep your credential files safe and secure. The vault is integrated with windows and mac pc. 

Why Do We Need Cloud Storage For Windows 10?

There are so many reasons that we need cloud storage for windows 10. So here is the brief information:-

  • File storage:- Everyone has their personal or general data which is important. So in cloud storage, you can save any kind of data to secure them. You can access your data anytime from anywhere with any device with your login credentials.
  • Accessibility:-  The main requirement of cloud storage is that you can access all your data from anywhere through an internet connection. You don’t need any specific device to access your data. It also allows a user to monitor any kind of real-time activity. 
  • Backup Data:- The other need is a cloud backup of your data. In cloud storage, your all data is backup online which means you always have a copy of your data. If any case your device is lost, stolen or damaged, you can recover your data anytime from the cloud.
  • File sharing:- Cloud storage provides a file sharing option that makes file sharing very easy. In this option, a user doesn’t need any device to share files. Through cloud storage, you share your file very fast without attaching any device to your PC.

Conclusion:- Free Cloud Storage For Windows 10

Above mentioned 5 are the best free cloud storage for windows 10. But, if you want to choose the best one the google drive and pCloud are the best option. Both are easy to use & manageable software. In free plan you will get enough storage to secure all your data and files that want to keep. The free plan are good choice for individuals. For the business users we recommend to use its paid subscription.

Does Windows 10 Have Cloud Storage?

Yes, windows 10 have cloud storage but with the limited storage. If you want to store large data then you must use paid plan.

Is Free Cloud Storage Safe To Use?

Yes, Cloud Storage is safe to use to keep your data, photos, videos and other file safe. But, Free pla have limitation of storage so most of the users prefer to use paid one.

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