When you use Snapchat you face C14a Snapchat Error. This is a slow network issue and then you use Snapchat and your internet is too slow and the network faces some connection issues. You face this problem easily and your network is not suitable. You face some login errors, something went wrong, please try again, loading problems, and failed action issues in your Snapchat. You can fix this easily by following some steps.

How to Fix C14a Snapchat Error on Android

Here are the simple troubleshooting steps by following them you can easily fix the Snapchat c14a error.

  1. Restart the Snapchat App
  2. Restart Your Smartphone
  3. Check the Snapchat Server Status
  4. Check the Internet Connection and Disable VPN
  5. Update Snapchat
  6. Clear Snapchat App Cache
  7. Reinstall Snapchat
  8. Contact Snapchat Support
  9. Switch Your Network and Turn Off Your VPN

I will explain to you how to fix something that went wrong. Please try again later. Support code: C14a.

C14a Snapchat Error

Restart the Snapchat App

When you face a C14a Snapchat Error First you follow these steps:-

  • Open Snapchat swipe away and remove Snapchat from the recent app.
  • Open the Snapchat app and see it.

Restart Your Smartphone

Open your mobile and open Snapchat and if you face a C14a Snapchat error situation follow this step:-

  • Swipe away the Snapchat app from the recent app.
  • Go to home, press the power button, and then swipe the restart phone and open your mobile.
  • Open the Snapchat app and see it.
Restart Your Smartphone

Check the Snapchat Server Status

Open your mobile and open Snapchat and if you face a problem follow this step:-

  • Open your mobile browser.
  • Go to the Snapchat support page and open the first link then you see. 
  • you see the search bar on the page top and search c14a error.
  • Snapchat Support > Managing My Account > Login and Password.
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And solve the C14a Snapchat error on your Android device. 

Check the Internet Connection and Disable VPN

Open your mobile and open Snapchat and if you face a problem follow this step. Turn on your mobile and see that your network connection is connected through WiFi, it is using mobile data. Check your mobile if you are not connected to a VPN. If you are connected with a VPN, disconnect the VPN and check again whether your problem is solved or not. 

Update Snapchat

When you face the C14a Snapchat Error Open your mobile go to the Play Store application go to the updated section and see your Snapchat is updated and not your Snapchat is not updated. Please update the latest version of Snapchat.

Clear Snapchat App Cache

Open your mobile and check your problem and then you face this problem again go to the home page in your mobile and long press on this icon and open the setting of this application. Go to the storage section and then you will see storage and cache, tap it one time and dong force stop it restart your mobile, and check the trouble.

Reinstall Snapchat

Open your mobile and open Play Store then uninstall this application on your device, install this application again on your device, and log it carefully.

Reinstall Snapchat

Contact Snapchat Support

Open your Snapchat application on your mobile. Tap the profile icon in the top of the right corner scroll down, come down side, and find the support button. And find contact us and tell us your problem about the C14a Snapchat Error. Wait for the reply.

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Switch Your Network and Turn Off Your VPN

Firstly, changing your network when you connect with the mobile data changes your connection and use wifi and next you check your VPN services, disable your VPN services in your mobiles, and check your error and fix it easily. 

How to Fix Snapchat Code C14a on iPhone

Here are the simple troubleshooting steps by following them you can easily fix the Snapchat c14a error on the iPhone. 

  1. Configure the Screen Time Settings
  2. Offload the App
  3. Update Snapchat
  4. Reinstall Snapchat

Above mentioned are some steps by which you can easily fix the c14a Snapchat error. To know more in brief about these have a look at below mentioned brief points.

Configure the Screen Time Settings

Open your iPhone, tap the settings icon on your device, and go to the screen time setting. Put your screen time passcode in your device and deny all limitations on your mobile, restart your iPhone, and open the Snapchat application. 

Offload the App

When you fix the C14a Snapchat error in your iPhone. Open the iPhone “settings” then go to the “general” and “iPhone storage”. Find the Snapchat and offload app. Then confirm your choice. And reinstall Snapchat from your iPhone app store

Update Snapchat

Following some of these steps and solve your issues follow this step by step. 

  • Open your iPhone.
  • Tap on the app store icon one time and open it.
  • On the top bar search Snapchat tap on the update and download the Snapchat. 
  • Use the latest version of it. Most problems are fixed automatically on your device.
Update Snapchat

Reinstall Snapchat

Open your iPhone and hold the Snapchat icon for 3 seconds, delete Snapchat, open the app store, and search for Snapchat. Press the ”get” button, log in to your ID, and fill in your password. And reinstall the application and resolve your c14a Snapchat error on your iPhone.

Reinstall Snapchat In iPhone


When you face the c14a Snapchat error messages and logging problem so some easy steps I will explain on my blog read carefully and follow them. I gave an Android and iPhone problem in the blogs.

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These are some short-frequency asked questions or queries read also carefully.

What is error code C16A on Snapchat?

If you face Snapchat error code C16A on the Snapchat application. It means this is a communication problem with your account and Snapchat’s server problem. wait for some days because Snapchat services solved this problem quickly.

How to forget your Snapchat password?

Then you forget your password in your mind go to the application and tap on forget your password enter your Gmail, number, and username write anyone above you get OTP on your mobile message put this message code on your Snapchat application, and write a new password.

How To Unblock Snapchat Friends?

If you blocked your friend and you are not fine unblock setting follow these steps.
Tap your “profile” icon at the top of the screen. Tap to open “Settings”.Scroll down and tap ‘Blocked’Tap next to a name to unblock that friend. 

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