How to Delete All Saved Messages on Snapchat at Once

Snapchat is the best platform for sharing conversations, videos, and photos. When you delete all saved messages on Snapchat at once. If your friends send a message on Snapchat this message is deleted sometime later, and automatically disappears after being seen. We will show you how to delete all messages and how to save messages, unsaved, clear conversations. 

What to know about Snapchat?

As you know Snapchat is a visual social media platform. Users use this application for sharing photos, videos, and conversations. Talking to someone with chats. This application is available on the Play Store and App Store. This App was released in 2011 3 years Snapchat’s available stories and snapstrickes were featured in this application after some time Apps grew fast in the social media platforms.

How to Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat?

If you delete saved messages on Snapchat open your application. Go to the chat box and open your friend’s chat box. Long press on the message tap on “save in chat” and then click on this button automatically background color turns change to grey. It is not possible to delete all messages you delete only individual messages.

Saved Messages on Snapchat

How to Saved Messages on Snapchat?

You can delete saved messages on Snapchat by following the steps below:-

  • launch Snapchat on your mobile.
  • In down side wipe on the chat box.
  • Open the friend chat box
  • Tap long press on the message.
  • You have to pop a box and tap on the” save in chat”

How to Unsave Messages on Snapchat?

This step is very easy to understand.

  • When the same process thumps long press on the “Unsave in chat” and click on the button and un save the message.
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How to Unsave Messages on Snapchat

How to Delete the Saved Message on Snapchat?

A straightforward way to delete all saved messages on Snapchat.

  • Press the message and thump on the “delete” button. You delete this message. 

The message boe should retire to be a normal massager has been unsaved.

If the message is still there, it means the second person doesn’t unsave in chat the message. This message is deleted,. When this person unsaved in chat the message in your setting. 

How to Delete a Conversation on Snapchat?

You can delete all saved messages on Snapchat if you want to delete your chat history.

  • launch the Snapchat app on your mobile.
  • Tap the button in the Profile “bitmoji” icon.
  • In the top corner open the “Setting” button and tap it. 
  • Scroll down and find “account sections”
  • Find “Clear Conversations.” tap the button
  • You watch your conversation section you find your friend’s name in the name corner you watch the “cross button” and tap it.
  • You face a notification “Are you sure you want to clear this conversation?” 
  • Tap the “clear” button.

You are not deleting all conversations at once time. Delete one by one saved message and conversation.

How to Delete All Conversations on Snapchat?

If you want to delete all conversations at once time follow the article steps.

  • Launch your Snapchat on your mobile.
  • Top the “bitmoji” icon top on the left corner.
  • In the top corner open the “Setting” button and tap it. 
  • Scroll down and find “account sections”
  • Find “Clear Conversations.” tap the button
  • Select all conversations and delete all. 
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If you come on the chat and you see the chat is don’t delete you following the wrong steps read carefully. 

Delete All Conversations on Snapchat


Sometimes users have conversations with someone who talks about a personal informant in the conversation and then hesitate. When he takes a step to clean all chats. To remove everything in this conversation. But the second person saved messages on Snapchat. so when you delete all conversations and delete all messages and unsafe messages read this article carefully. And solved your problem. If you face some other problems ask your queries with the comment box.

What does Clear Cache do on Snapchat?

If you are using Snapchat and your applicaing server is doing full (1GB). You are clearing the cache on Snapchat on your mobile. You lost everything in your Snapchat server and didn’t take any backup for it. Like images, videos, chats, and your Snapchat friends.

Does Snapchat save memory?

yes, Snapchat saves your all memory in your server and your mobile camera roll also. 

Can Snapchat leak your photos?

No, Snapchat does not leak your photos. When you share your password and username with someone. If you are leaking your photos. 

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