What is Cloud hosting

As you see in the growing online business the most of the companies are taking part in establishing their website. For running a website hosting is a vital part. Among the different types of hosting you have to choose the best hosting for your business website. Many hosting companies are taking initiative in the hosting business and they give you the best through their services. But choosing the best is up to you. From the various types of web hosting services here I am going to share about the most suitable one Cloud Web Hosting.

If you are running your business on a very large scale or you don’t want to face any type of bad impact on your website then Cloud Hosting is the most suitable option for you.

Let drive deep into it and know about what is cloud hosting?

What is meant by cloud hosting?

Features of Cloud Hosting

To keep things simple, the virtual server is created by the combination of multiple servers is known as a cloud web hosting server. It is not a physical server. It’s virtually created. Here your data files and images etc. these are hosted on multiple servers.

How does cloud hosting work?

In other hosting services you get a single server to keep your data. If any user accesses your website. Your data will come out from a single server. On the other hand, if you have cloud hosting. Resources for your website can be used from multiple virtual servers.

Shared hosting vs. cloud hosting

Shared web hosting is that type of hosting where multiple users share a single server. The shared web server has a cheap price and slow loading time. On the other hand, Cloud hosting is a virtual server created by a combination of multiple servers. It gives you many benefits in comparison to shared web hosting. You will always have the backup of your website and the loading time of the website is high. You will also know many benefits of cloud hosting.

Six Benefits of cloud hosting

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Pay According to utilization-One of the best benefits of cloud hosting is pay according to the resources you are using.  In traditional Webhosting, you have to pay an annual fee wheatear you are fully utilizing the resources or not. But in the case of cloud hosting, you pay only for the number of resources you are using. Let’s take an example you are going to post an article and you are sure that this article is going to viral. So, there is no need to upgrade your full package to manage the traffic. You just need to increase your resources during the traffic after that when website visitors come at the normal level. You can again choose your normal resources rather than upgrading the full package.

Easy to scale- It’s very easy to scale the resources of the server in the cloud hosting server. They provide an intuitive site management dashboard. So, it’s become too easy to see your site’s overall performance and you can scale your resources instantly.

The greater uptime and availability- In cloud hosting, you are sharing your data with multiple servers. So, when your site experiencing technical issues you can switch from one server to another server. Your site will not crash when the traffic will increase on your site because you can transfer them to another server.

Better safety- If your site faces an issue related to a physical server or hardware failure. Cloud hosting has backup plains for all these conditions.

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