BlueHost and A2hosting both are well-reputed hosting providing companies in the world. If you want to know which hosting providing company is best for you?  So, you are in the right place. Here, I am going to present the best comparison between BlueHost and A2Hosting in this BlueHost VS A2hosting article. We will discuss the BlueHost VS A2Hosting plans, prices, and many more but before starting all this stuff let’s take a look at the background of A2Hosting Web Hosting and BlueHost Web Hosting. So, move on to the next paragraph to know more.

Background of BlueHost and A2Hosting

Bluehost VS A2Hosting


BlueHost was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton. The company started as a free hosting providing company and at that time the name of this company was 0catch. After the successful startup company name was changed to BlueHost from 0catch. Now BlueHost is hosting over 2 million websites all over the world. It shows that the reliability of BlueHost Web Hosting because of the great quality of service is a must. If you want to become successful in the long term. Currently, BlueHost has over 750 employees.


A2Hosting has started in 2001 at that time company’s name was Iniquinet. Sometimes later company name changed to A2hosting from Iniquinet. The company has also a good record for the long term. A2Hosting is famous for its new technology and it is the reason that A2Hosting got a great boost in the business.

We saw that BlueHost and A2hosting both are carrying a good record for the long term. Now we are going to compare the Plans and the features of the BlueHost and A2Hosting.

BlueHost VS A2Hosting Plans

Bluehost VS A2Hosting Web Hosting

BlueHost offers four types of hosting with different plans. On the other hand, A2Hosting offers five types of hosting Plans. Let’s take a brief look at the types of Hosting.


  • Shared Hosting- The Basic plan starts with just $ 2.95/mo*.
  • VPS Hosting- The price starting from $18.99/mo*.
  • Dedicated Hosting- Price starts with just $ 79.99/mo*.
  • WordPress Hosting- Starts at just $2.95/mo*.

Although, during Bluehost Black Friday sale you’ll get an extra discount on Bluehost hosting plans.


  • Shared Hosting- Starting price is $3.92/mo*.
  • VPS Hosting- The price of unmanaged VPS hosting starts with just $5/mo*. Managed and core hosting plans start with just $ 25/mo*.
  • Dedicated Hosting- The unmanaged server stats with just $99.59/mo*. The core and the managed servers are starting at $ 141.09/mo*.
  • Reseller Hosting-price starts at just $9.80/mo*.
  • WordPress Hosting- The starting price is $3.92/mo*.

As it is clear, A2Hosting has more plans in comparison to BlueHost. Now we are going to see all the plans very closely. So that you will be able to choose the plan which suits you best. Let’s begin with the Shared Hosting plan.

BlueHost Shared Hosting Plan VS A2Hosting Shared Hosting plan

Bluehost VS A2Hosting Plan

BlueHost offers 4 shared hosting plans. According to the different needs of the customers.

  • Basic- $2.95/mo*
  • Plus- $5.45/mo*
  • Choice Plus- 5.45/mo*
  • Pro-13.95/mo*

At the same time, A2Hosting has only 3 Shared hosting plans with different features.

  • Lite- $2.95/mo*
  • Swift-$5.45/mo*
  • Turbo- $13.95/mo*
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Here I am going to represent the cheapest plan of BlueHost and A2Hosting. The cheapest BlueHost Shared Hosting Plan starts with just $2.95/mo* and the cheapest A2 shared Hosting plan starts with just $3.92/mo*. Now, this time we are going to see the features of the plans.

BlueHost  Shared Hosting

Basic $2.95/mo*

A2 Shared hosting

Lite $3.92/mo*

1 Website1 Website
50 GB SSD StorageUnlimited SSD Storage
Unmetered BandwidthUnmetered Bandwidth
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
1 Free Domain included25 Email Accounts
Not free Site MigrationFree Site Migration

After this comparison now time to move on to the next paragraph to find out the different VPS hosting plans of BlueHost and A2Hosting.

BlueHost VPS Hosting VS A2 VPS Hosting

Bluehost VS A2Hosting Plans

BlueHost has 3 VPS Hosting Plans. Let see the prices of these plans.

  • Standard– The price starts at just $18.99/mo*.
  • Enhanced– To get the enhanced plan you have to pay $ 29.99/mo*.
  • Ultimate– the Highest VPS hosting plan is $59.99/mo*.

Now, we are going to see the different plans of the A2 VPS Hosting. A2Hosting has 3 Types of VPS hosting with different plans.

  • Core VPS- Managed VPS with root access. Core VPS has 3 Hosting plans.
  1. Power+ – $ 25.00/mo*
  2. Prestige+ – $ 35.00/mo*
  3. Pinnacle+ – $50.00/mo*
  • Managed VPS- Managed VPS without root access.
  1. Power + $25.00/mo*
  2. Prestige+ $35.00/mo*
  3. Pinnacle+ $50.00/mo*
  • Unmanaged VPS- Unmanaged VPS for developers.
  1. Entry-$5.00/mo*
  2. MID- $10.00/mo*
  3. ELITE-$15.00/mo*

To understand it in a better way we are going to see a comparison of the BlueHost Starter VPS Hosting plan and A2 core Power+ VPS Hosting plan.





2 Cores4 Cores
30 GB SSD Storage75 GB Storage
1 IP Address2 IP Address

 BlueHost Dedicated Hosting VS A2 Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost VS A2Hosting

BlueHost offers 3 plans for dedicated hosting plans. Standard, Enhanced, and Premium.

  • Standard-$79.99/mo*
  • Enhanced- $99.99/mo*
  • Premium- $99/mo*

Again A2Hosting offers 3 types of dedicated servers. Unmanaged server, core server, and managed server.

  1. Unmanaged server- The unmanaged server has three plans.
  • Sprint- $99.59/mo*
  • Exceed $165.99/mo*
  • Mach- $248.99/mo*
  1. Core Server- The core server has three plans.
  • Sprint- $141.09/mo*
  • Exceed- $207.49/mo*
  • Mach- $290.49/mo*
  1. Managed Server- The managed server has 3 plans.
  • Sprint- $141.09/mo*
  • Exceed- $207.49/mo*
  • Mach- $290.49/mo*

Here we will see a comparison between the BlueHost Standard dedicated Hosting and A2 unmanaged dedicated Hosting plan.


Standard Dedicated Hosting




Dedicated Unmanaged server

Sprint- $99.59/mo*

4 core @ 2.3 GHz2 core Intel 3.1 + GHz
500 GB (mirrored) Storage1 TB Storage
4 GB Ram8 GB RAM

A2Hosting is costly than BlueHost hosting but at the same time A2hosting offers a large number of features compared to BlueHost. After discussing all these features in this BlueHost vs A2hosting. It’s time to take a look at WordPress Hosting.

BlueHost WordPress hosting VS A2 WordPress hosting

Bluehost VS A2Hosting Hosting Plans

BlueHost offers three types of WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress

Shared WordPress hosting is the cheapest hosting plan specially designed for WordPress Users. BlueHost claims that his shared WordPress hosting is fast, easy to use, secure and you can make a website in minutes.

 BlueHost provides 3 plans for Shared WordPress hosting. Let’s take a look to see the different plans for hosting. Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. We will discuss all these plans one by one.

  • Basic- The cheapest WordPress hosting plan. The basic plan price is $2.95/mo*.
  • Plus- The plus plan is quite higher than the basic plan. The plus plan starts with just $5.45/mo*.
  • Choice Plus- Choice Plus plan includes Plus plan and the price is the same for the plus and choice plus plan. If you want the Choice plus plan you need to pay $5.45/mo*. Renewal prices are different but we will suggest you choose the choice plus plan. After that, you can switch to the plus plan at renewal time.

WP Pro-

WP Pro has the highest features among all BlueHostWordPressHosting plans. BlueHost claims that WP Pro is his best-managed WordPress Hosting.  WP pro has three hosting plans.

  • Build- Build is the cheapest WP pro hosting Plan. Here you will get every single feature that is required to build professional WordPress hosting. The price of the build plan is $19.95/mo*.
  • Grow- grow is the second WP Pro plan. This plan is specially designed for creating a great audience on the WordPress website. The price of this plan is $29.95/mo*.
  • Scale- The largest number of features you will get in this hosting. Here you will get advanced features so that you can easily run an eCommerce website. To get this plan you have to pay $49.96/mo*.


As it is clear by the name, this hosting plan is specially customized to run an e-commerce website. eCommerce hosting has many features that will help you to run an eCommerce website smoothly. BlueHost has three eCommerce WordPress hosting plans.

  • Starter- If you are going to start a website then a starter plan can be a good option for you. You will get every feature to start an eCommerce website.
  • Plus- Plus hosting can be great if you want multiple eCommerce websites. You can run unlimited eCommerce websites with this hosting plan. The price of this hosting is $8.95/mo*.

Bluehost VS A2Hosting Hosting Types


A2hosting has only 2 types of hosting plans. The first one is shared WordPress hosting and the second one has Managed WordPress hosting. Let’s start with the first type of hosting A2 shared WordPress Hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting-

A2 Shared WordPress hosting has three plans Lite, Swift, and Turbo. We will discuss every plan one by one to get better knowledge about it. Let me start with the Lite plan.

  • Lite- Lite WordPress hosting is the cheapest hosting of the A2 shared WordPress hosting plan. It is good to start with the lite plan. If you are going to start your first website. Then you need to spend only $3.92/mo*.
  • Swift- Swift is best to create multiple websites. This plan allows for creating multiple websites. The price of this plan is $4.90/mo*
  • Turbo- Turbo has the highest features among all these shared hosting plans. The price of this plan is $9.31/mo*.

Managed WordPress hosting

According to A2hosting. Their managed WordPress hosting provides 20 times faster page loads compared to other managed WordPress hosting providers. A2Hosting offers three hosting plans.

  • 1- Site- if you have only one hosting plan then it is good for you. The price of this plan is just $ 11.99/mo*.
  • 3- Site – As it is clear by name you will get here three websites to run. To get this website you need to pay $18.99/mo*.
  • Unlimited- If you are willing to create multiple websites then an Unlimited plan suits you. The price of this hosting is $36.98/mo*.

We have seen the WordPress hosting plans of BlueHost and A2hosting. Now we are going to show you the comparison between BlueHost basic WordPress hosting and A2 Lite WordPress hosting. So that you will be able to understand it easily.

BlueHost Basic WordPress hosting VS A2 lite WordPress hosting

BlueHost WordPress

Basic $2.95/mo*

A2 WordPress

Lite $3.92/mo*

1 Website1 Website
50 GB SSDUnlimited SSD
Free DomainPaid Domain
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
5 parked Domain25 Parked domain
25 Sub Domain5 Sub Domains
$200 Marketing CreditNo marketing Credits

After seeing this comparison you can easily understand which plan suits you most.  Now if we discuss the BlueHost best-managed WordPress hosting and A2 Managed Hosting. It’s quite difficult to say which one is best. To get rid of this problem. Now we are going to see a comparison table between BlueHost Build WordPress hosting and A2 1 site WordPress hosting.

BlueHost WP Pro Build VS A2 Managed 1-site WordPress Hosting

Bluehost VS A2Hosting Plans

BlueHost WP Pro

Build $19.95/mo*

A2 Managed WordPress

1-Site $11.99/mo*

JetPack Site AnalyticsJetpack Personal license
Marketing CentreNo specific Marketing Centre
Daily Scheduled BackupDaily Backup Automated
Malware Detection and removalTurbo up to (20 times faster)
Domain Privacy + ProtectionID Protection option

Now, this is the time to see the overview of this BlueHost vs A2Hosting. So, let’s move on to the next paragraph to recall all this stuff.

Conclusion: Hostgator VS A2Hosting

Bluehost and A2Hosting both companies have a good record for a long time. A2 offers 5 types of hosting, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting. On the other hand, BlueHost offers only 4 types of hosting, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and WordPress hosting. Bluehost has 4 types of Shared hosting and A2 has also 3 Shared hosting plans. If we discuss the VPS hosting so BlueHost has 3 VPS hosting plans. VPS hosting has 3 types of packages and each package has 3 plans. In the case of Dedicated hosting, Bluehost has 3 dedicated hostings, and A2hosting has 3 types of hosting plans every plan includes 3 hosting plans. A2Hosting has 2 types of WordPress Hosting both hosting plans that have 3 hosting plans. In the end, Both companies have their cons and pros it depends on you which will suits you best.

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