BlueHost VPS Hosting

If you want to shift your website shared hosting plan to other hosting plans then you must check out Bluehost VPS hosting plan. This plan is very reliable and affordable for you as compared to dedicated hosting. So here I want to share information about the Bluehost VPS Web Hosting plan. Through this BlueHost VPS Hosting Review, you will get to know about its all plan and features. But first I am going to tell you about what is VPS hosting? So Move on to the next Paragraph and read about it.

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What Does VPS Hosting Mean?

VPS hosting is that type of hosting where a single server is virtually distributed among many people. The resources of the server are distributed among other people but in a fixed ratio. It is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. In dedicated hosting, the user gets an entire server on rent. There is no need to share the server’s resources. In shared hosting, users have to share the resources among them. In the case of VPS hosting, the limited number of users share the server’s resources but in a fixed ratio. Here the user gets an environment of dedicated hosting. If you are planning to purchase a VPS hosting then you must know about the advantages of hosting. Be with us to know about the benefits of hosting.

Is Bluehost a good web host?

Bluehost is one of the most trusted hosting providing companies in the world. It’s hosting more than 2 million websites so it is clear that the company is on a good level. The company started in 1996 at that time Bluehost’s name was As we all know old is gold. Bluehost has a good record for a long time. I hope you got the answer. So let’s move on towards the next Para to know the Bluehost VPS Packages.

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Bluehost VPS hosting

Bluehost VPS Plan

Bluehost VPS hosting has different plans and every plan adds extra benefits for you. Bluehost has 3 plans for VPS hosting.

  • Standard Plan
  • Enhanced
  • Ultimate

We will discuss all the planes briefly so that you will get the plan which suits you. I will tell you the features you will get in a standard, Enhanced, Ultimate plan. Read the article to get all knowledge about Bluehost VPS hosting plan.

Standard Plan

If you are planning to move towards VPS hosting then this standard plan can be best for you. It’s the cheapest plan among Bluehost VPS hosting plans. The features you will get in this plan are.

  • 2 core
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address

The normal price of this hosting is $29.99/mo* but now you can purchase it for just $18.99/mo*. Here you can save $11.00/mo* with Bluehost VPS.

Enhanced Plan

The second VPS hosting plan is the Enhanced plan. It is a medium-level plan. If you have a quite good budget then you can purchase this plan here you will get some extra benefits compared to the standard plan. The features you will get in this hosting are.

  • Cores
  • 60 GB SSD storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses

The normal price of this hosting is $59.99/mo*. Now you can purchase this plan for just $29.99/mo*. Here you can save $30/mo* with a blue host Enhanced hosting plan.

Ultimate Plan

The third and last plan of Bluehost VPS hosting is the Ultimate Plan. If you are planning to buy a dedicated server but have some budget problem then you can choose this plan.  This plan has the highest features among all Bluehost VPS hosting plans and it’s also the most expensive among all other VPS plans on Bluehost. The features you will get in this plan.

  • 4 cores
  • 120 GB SSD Storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Address
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The normal price of this hosting is $119.99/mo* but now you can get this at just $59.99/mo*. Here you can save $60/mo*.

BlueHost VPS Hosting

Conclusion:- BlueHost VPS Web Hosting

If you are searching for VPS Hosting then BlueHost is offering you the maximum saving on its VPS Hosting plans. They offer the best and cheap with the maximum features that will help you in building your website with VPS Hosting. In BlueHost VPS Hosting Plan you will get all the features that will fulfill all your website needs.

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