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Nowadays all business is moving on online platforms. People are taking interest in the blogs as well. The Internet has captured all over the world. Businesses are going on the online platform. People are also taking an interest in starting a website or blog. To start a website or blog. The very first thing you need is a domain name. It’s very important to choose the right company to get the domain name. I am going to presenting one of the best domain names providing companies in the world and that best domain name service provider is BlueHost.  The BlueHost Domain Name can be best for your website. Why? Well, you will get the answer to this question in the article.

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If you have some questions in mind, why should I choose the BlueHost domain name? Or how much does a Bluehost domain cost? So you are in the right place. We will discuss all the plans.

BlueHost provides an easy way to find your perfect domain. All you need to do is just go to the Bluehost official website. Click on the domain section and search the availability of the domain. If it’s available just get that BlueHost domain name. Now, maybe first of all most of you want to know the BlueHost domain price. So, to get the answer to let’s move towards the next paragraph.

How much does BlueHost Domain cost?

BlueHost Domain Name Cost

BlueHost domain Price depends on which domain extension or TLD (top-level domain). You are going to choose from. BlueHost provides multiple TLD. Let’s explore the different prices and general uses of those LTD. Some famous LTDs and their prices on BlueHost.

  • is one of the most popular domain name extensions in the world. The price of this LTD is $11.99/year.
  • is generally used by organizations. If you want to get your domain with a .org extension. So, you have to pay $8.99/year.
  • .net-As it’s quite clear by name it generally belongs to the internet service providers or the companies providing networking services. But you are free to choose. The BlueHost domain price for this extension is $12.99/year
  • .tech- .tech is generally used for websites that belong to technical knowledge. But you can choose it for your website even you are not going to run a technology-based website. The price of this LTD is $12.99/year.
  • .co-Companies use .co for their website but it’s not a hard and fast rule. You can also take this LTD from BlueHost at just $9.99/year.

Bluehost provides lots of other LTDs. The right extension will help people get an idea about your business with just the name of your website. You can choose the best LTD for your domain among multiple LTDs on BlueHost.

Why should you choose the BlueHost domain?

BlueHost Domain Features

  • Easy to manage-It’s very easy to manage the domain you purchase from BlueHost. Here you will get a simple interface to manage your domain.
  • Auto-Renewal-It can be very troubling. If you lost your domain name. BlueHost provides an auto-renewal that will help you to lose your website by expiring.
  • Domain-lock-After choosing the right domain you can lock it down to save it from an unauthorized transfer.
  • 24/7 Customer support-If any case, you are facing some difficulties related to your domain name. BlueHost’s customer support team is available to help you 24/7.

BlueHost is a reliable domain name providing company. They are providing you many features to secure your domain name and that’s the reason I recommend the Bluehost domain.

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