Best VMware Alternatives

In this era of Virtualization, the role of Virtual Machine Software is very important. There was a time when you searched for VMs then only VMware would come up and there was no other alternative. But those days are gone and nowadays, we have the Best VMware alternatives that will generate multiple options for you.

So, this article is going to be very helpful for everyone who is wondering about other choices more than just VMware.

About VMware

VMware is one of the best cloud computing and virtualization software. It provides a range of digital solutions such as power apps, services, and experiences. Besides this, there is a variety of products that you can buy VMware Workstation and Fusion products and Vmware Tanzu which provide excellent services to users. You can save the maximum on its various products by using a VMware discount voucher.

What Are The Alternatives To VMware?

There are numerous competitors of VMware because today every network, server, and storage vendor came into the business of virtualization. But you might not be aware of all of that. Here we have described the 6 best substitutes for VMware on different devices. So keep reading this guide and find the best among all these software.

Oracle – Top Alternative Of VMware

Oracle (Alternative for VMware)

Oracle is one of the best VMware alternatives for Windows. You can prefer this Virtual Machine software for deploying and developing digital environments on Windows and Linux for free.

This is the most effective Virtual Machine Software that supports new functions DOMO kernel usage, Custom Virtual CPU, and fiber channel storage free of cost.

Features of Oracle VM

  • Secure live migration
  • Support Windows and Linux
  • VM templates
  • Symmetric multiprocessing
  • Free to use

Virtual box

VirtualBox - VMware Alternative

Virtual Box is a very good free alternative to VMware workstations for app developers. It is commonly used by app developers for testing apps on multiple operating systems. This is a free VM app that supports all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris.

Features of Virtual Box

  • Works on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac host OS.
  • Free Virtual Machine
  • Open-source GPL license
  • Best for virtualization for enterprise 


Hyper V (Best VMware Alternative)

The most popular application is similar to VMware used for Virtual Machine apps among all high-class IT-Professionals. This software runs on 64bit- Windows 10 pro. The free VM app supports various operating systems including FreeBSD, Windows, and Linux.

Hyper-V can do most of the same things that most enterprise Virtual software boasts about. The best suitable operating system for this VM app is Windows and it powers Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Features of Hyper-V

  • Live migration from one host to another.
  • Supports- Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Red hat Linux, SUSE, Ubuntu, and Debian guest OS.
  • Fiber channel
  • Default NAT-switch
  • SR-IOV Networking
  • Hyper- V replica.


QEMU - Top Alternative to VMware

After Hyper-V, you can also consider QEMU as a decent choice for a Virtual Machine app. This VM app is best for designing a digital environment on various architectures and Free OS. 

This is a perfect VMware alternative to open source. QEMU is an open-source emulator that leads to highly fast virtualization. It can easily work on BSD, Linux, Windows, and other supported architecture.

  • Generic and open-source virtualizer.
  • User mode emulation.
  • Supports multiple architectures.
  • Good VMware alternatives for Mac 
  • Working on Linux, Windows, Mac, and BSD.

Features of QEMU

Citrix Hypervisor

Citrix - Alternative Of VMware

Another VMware alternative for free is Citrix Hypervisor. It has some unique features that help customers in various ways. This is really well for testing intensive workloads in a Virtualized environment. It provides virtualization across different setups.

It is perfectly suitable for your intensive software. It is widely used by most medium and large-scale organizations.  

Features of Citrix Hypervisor

  • Centralized Management
  • Cloud optimization
  • Best for Intensive apps
  • Best security and data privacy. 

Xen Server

XenServer- VMware Alternative

Xen server is an open-source and free alternative to VMware. This is popularly known for its server virtualization, Infrastructure as a service, and desktop virtualization for free. This is a virtualization tool that performs highly advanced functions. It is already embedded with automated security features and it is best for the virtualization of different commercial and open-source applications.

Xen server is totally free of cost but to get some premium features you can buy the fully supported version of this Virtual Machine software. It is a vigorous solution used by many enterprises for hosting servers and operating systems.

Features of Xen Server

  • Fault tolerance
  • Best security measures
  • Advance server virtualization
  • Live migration

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

KVM - Best VMware Alternative 2023

Best virtualization for Devices running Linux OS. Kernel-based Virtual Machine is also an open-source Virtual machine app. This VM app consists of a core virtualization infrastructure for different modules. This can also be ported with different processors. 

It has many valid reasons to be considered as a VMware alternative open source. The features that the Kernel-based Virtual machines app has made it worth being in our list of best VMware alternatives.

Features of Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

  • Live migration
  • Host-guest communication
  • Hotplug support
  • Best for Linux
  • Supports Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and React OS,


Here we can conclude that every company is claiming that they are the best in Virtualization. But you can select any one of the Virtual Machine software from above according to your need. We hope that this article helped provide insights into the best VM alternatives in the market.

What is the difference between Citrix and VMware?

The main difference between both of these is that Citrix provides VDI through its Citrix Virtual apps, and on the other hand VMware provides its VDI solutions through VMware Horizon.

Which VMware Is Free For Home Use?

VMware Workstation Player is free for personal and non-commercial uses. So if you want to use it for home then VMware Workstation is totally free to use.

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