In this digital era, everything is getting digitalized. Now people are keeping their important documents and files in PDF files on a cloud server rather than it keeping them physically. As it provides you with more security and advanced features. But still, it is difficult for some people to find a good PDF editor for their business and individual use. But not to worry now here we will tell you about some of the 5 best Pocket-friendly PDF editors that will go with your business as well as your individual use. 

What Is Best About Our Top 5 Pocket-Friendly PDF Editors?

The special part of these top 5 pocket-friendly PDF editors is that is considered best for the following things:

  • Best PDF Editors for windows
  • Best PDF Editors for mac 
  • 5 budget-friendly PDF editors
  • Best PDF Editors Reddit 
  • Best PDF Editors Linux
  • Pocket-Friendly PDF editor for android
  • Best PDF Editors For iPad Pro 
  • Best PDF Editors online

In our next section, we will explain to you how it is best for these many things so check out our list of the best 5 budget-friendly PDF editors.

List Of The Top 5 Pocket-Friendly PDF Editors For Business And Individual Use:

Top Pdf editors that enhance your workflow or share securely

1. Kofax Power PDF Editor-  Built For Better Business

Kofax power pdf is one of the best PDF editors provided by the Kofax company. The software has received very good ratings on some of the most popular websites such as Trustradius, PCWorld, etc. This software is used by many big organizations for keeping and sharing their documents safely and securely.

Features Of Kofax Power PDF

With Kofax power pdf you will get so many advanced and useful features below we have mentioned all that you will get with it:

  • Easy-to-use Interface- With the Kofax power PDF editor you will get an easy-to-use interface. Its interface is optimized for Windows 10 desktops, Microsoft surface, macOS, Big Sur, etc. 
  • Power And Flexibility- Using this Kofax power pdf you can create edit and convert PDF files from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG, HTML, and many more.
  • No- Subscription Fees- There are no subscription fees buy this software once and own it forever. By Kofax coupon code, Pdf is available at up to 50% off. 
  • Keeps Your PDFs Secure- With Kofax power pdf, all of your PDFs are secure and safe as it provides you features like adding encrypted passwords and permission. Also, you can redact your sensitive data. 
  • Provides Intuitive Forms- Easily scan paper and forms and convert them into interactive PDF files. 
  • Highlight And Redact Facility- Most useful features for redacting properly or Highlighting PDF text in simple steps. 
  • More Than Just Text- All other key tools like illustrations, audio, or HD videos is integrate into PDF in just minutes. In all upcoming 5 Best Pocket-Friendly PDF Editors this feature is only offered by Kofax.
  • Collaborate Easily- Indeed with any network connections users can edit, e-sign, review the PDF, and collaborate easily. 
  • Connect And Scale- Kofax enterprise can scale up your organization by connecting more enterprises with its document management systems. 
  • eSign Documents- Protect your documents or PDFs by adding one more security layer on it that is “eSignature” on any PDF.  

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Pricing Structure Of Kofax Power PDF Editor

Kofax Power Pdf, this multi-automated AI is available in two different editions for making users more compatible best PDF Editors online. Both software is used as a free trial, after that users can shift to the Kofax paid plan. Still, if users aren’t satisfied then they can get a straight 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Its pricing makes it the best PDF editor for Windows and the best PDF editor for Mac. With the Kofax coupon code users get up to 65% off a limited offer definitely, you can buy it! Price if you don’t apply any coupon code is: 

Compatibility Kofax Power PdfKofax Power Pdf Advanced

2. Foxit PDF Editor Pro-  Great Deal, Great Flex, Great Fit

Integrate the pdf fastly to enhance the workflow and select your setup terms for getting a better deal from Foxit. User’s workflow never gets stuck, for this, they exist across the desktop, mobile, and web. As a result, Foxit software is used for editing, reviewing, managing, sharing, protecting, create and its features are according to a user. Which is the best PDF editors Linux is the only of the 5 Best Pocket-Friendly PDF Editors. 

Features of Foxit PDF Editor

  • Better Flex– Get a license of your Foxit purchase afterward get a subscription or one-time payment you want. Do flex the best PDF editors online. 
  • Better Deal- Without any coupon code get the best deal by discovering the deal section and the perfect deal with all in-built terms according to you. 
  • Better Fit- Any system specifications fit with Foxit PDF editor hence the enterprise integrates their solutions or features via internet connections. 
  • Edit PDF like a pro- PDF document perform reflow text, columns, change document layout, modify Html tools. 
  • Export to popular file formats- All PDF content be shared in any format even with all informations, images, audio, and Html in minutes. 
  • Scan and OCR paper docs- For adding images, audios and videos, the OCR and scan can perfrom recently activities in a faster way or properly. 
  • Easy to Purchase and great support- Any plan among the One-Time Perpetual Licenses, Yearly Subscription, and Monthly Subscription can be chosen. Then get phone, chat, email, or online ticket support anytime.

Pricing Structure Of Foxit PDF Editor

This PDF editor is supported on Windows, macOS, Cloud, iOS, and Android. Or best compatible with best PDF editors for windows. Its amazing product illustrates Foxit eSign, Admin Console, PDF Reader also addons with Foxit PDF editor. 

From the 5 best pocket-friendly pdf editors, it is for those users who used this for small business workflow. It has a free trial download also on each Foxit purchase it offers for $120.

3. Nuance PDF Editor Advanced- Perfect handy Best PDF Editors For iPad Pro

Nuance Pdf editor is now Kofax power pdf editor

Specially built for business users with no monthly fees and its interface is simply related to Microsoft office style (Under a partner program). On the other hand, these emerging product categories are now working by collaborating with Kofax in 2019. Now all Nuance document Imaging divisions, like popular Power PDF, PaperPort, OmniPage, Communication Server, etc are controlled by Kofax. Nuance pdf editor advanced is now Kofax power pdf advanced its features are: 

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Features of Nuance PDF Editor Advanced

  • Cloud Connectivity– Easily share or connect with best cloud services likewise pCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive cloud storage services providers. 
  • Seamless Security- Unlocks more Kofax features, tools and addons in your projects as a result get an ultimate security with Bates stamping and redact. 
  • Improve Workflows- Automate the pdf creation and save or invest that time on other skilled or productive tasks. 
  • Bates stamping- For adding more security to your documents apply a stamp in addition to build up more trust and privacy. 
  • DMS password retention- Subsequently it allows to easily resetting the admin’s password by doing some verifications. This feature makes it the best PDF Editor for iPad pro or macOS.
  • Redact text & graphics- In Kofax power, Pdf advanced these features unlock more options for business users and add redact graphics option also. 

Pricing Structure Of Nuance PDF Editor Advanced

Manage pdf files at lower cost with advanced automated AI technology and make this best pdf editor online own forever. While in the market same specs or features, the best pdf editor app has a cost that isn’t worth it. As Adobe Acrobat Pro DC’s annual plan for Three Years is $550 and Kofax advanced license is $179, users can save a huge straight 67%. 

4. Nitro Pro 10- Switch to a superior day-to-day document Pdf editor 

PDF that offered their simple features by complaining that in most advanced technology. Documents efficiency be enhanced more by exploring the more features with its algorithm that integrate into your projects. The marketing or popularity of Nitro is topmost from all 5 best pocket-friendly pdf editors. 

Its word-of-mouth promotion is topmost because the 68% trust are from “Fortune 500”(the most trusted platform). It is the best PDF editor app for small businesses + individuals in all contexts.  

Features of Nitro Pro 10 Pdf Editor

  • PDF creator– Users can create any PDF by using any device and can improve their pdf efficiency and create more valuable projects. 
  • PDF converter- No need to use any other pdf converter applications because with Nitro this can be possible now in any format. 
  • PDF editor– PDF can be more interactive by adding various types of information like additional info, delete or redact info, and alter information text and catchy images.
  • PDF annotator– Annotator makes any pdf more engaging by adding a comment, highlight, corrections, image, and e-signature. 
  • Build & Fill forms– Users build their forms in a complex way that might not be compatible with viewers. 
  • Merge- All formats via emails, spreadsheet, text document files is integrate now in a searchable PDF format and merge collections of data.
  • Protect and secure- Nitro maintains AICPA SOC2 and HIPPA Security for internal controls.

Pricing Structure Of Nitro Pro 10 Pdf Editor

The Nitro Pro is a One-time licensing that up to 20 users can use. As this is for small businesses or individuals, other business users can shift to its upgraded one. They also offer their services as a free trial,  this makes Nitro the best PDF editors for iPad pro, windows macOS, etc. Its pricing is highest than other pdf editors and almost half times much higher than the Kofax power pdf editor.  

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Compatibility Nitro Pro 10 Kofax Power Pdf 
Windows$179.99 p/u $129

5 Adobe Acrobat DC Professional- Business moving PDF Editor

The most expensive pdf editor but still the best pdf editor for Reddit that can trend on various platforms but get acknowledged from Reddit. Users have hype about adobe acrobat dc professional because it can perform various tools or projects in the macOS system. Its specifications or processors are fully optimized according to the best PDF editors for iPad Pro and macOS.

Its highlights and some new features that work for the best PDF editors Reddit, Quora, Facebook, or other social media platform. 

Features of Adobe Acrobat DC Professional

  • Convert- All format is accessible to convert in any format in just minutes and from any device also. 
  • Edit- With adobe add comments, recognize text, combine, split, delete or reorder, crop, and insert activities be done from any device to any format.
  • Share- While sharing any documents the main concern is security and copyright issues. Adobe offers to compare files, protect pdf or unlock features that maintain privacy, and collaborate with share terms. 
  • Sign- Traditional signature or e sign is trusted with acrobat trust seal. 
  • Mobile apps- As their users are small businesses individuals that they optimize their application for Mobile or tablet users also from the store. 
  • Auto adjusts layout- Acrobat updates their features or tools and compete with the latest technology. 
  • Microsoft outlook- It collaborates with many other applications or companies to enhance the quality of experience of users. Recently now Microsoft outlook can integrate with the request sign of Adobe Acrobat. 

Pricing Structure Of Adobe Acrobat DC Professional

They have a chrome extension also to make users project faster. After buying its subscription plan users are up to update with all adobe features just after release. 

When it comes to its pricing that is almost 1.5 times high than the cheapest one from the 5 Best Pocket-Friendly PDF Editors i.e Kofax. 

The only positive in Acrobat pricing is the cost that is avail down for students at only up to 40% off. Kofax is emerging as one of the best 5 budget-friendly PDF editors with all new technical AI tools and with the Kofax discount code, this can be down up to 50% off. 

Compatibility Adobe Acrobat DCKofax Power Pdf 
Windows$179.99 $129


Which is the best PDF editor for mobile?

If users use the top 5 pocket-friendly pdf editors then they can access pdf from anywhere and even on mobile. That is especially customizable for every device screen with all advanced features. 

What’s the best PDF editor for Android?

Compatible with Android system also:

  • Kofax Power PDF Editor
  • Foxit PDF Editor Pro
  • Nuance PDF Editor Advanced
  • Nitro Pro 10
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Professional  

Which PDF editor software is best?

Kofax Power PDF 

An integrated automated advanced AI with the topmost securities layer for protecting the user’s data. Best PDF Editors online redact properly, edit text, Power, Collaborate, Connect, E-sign, etc. 

Which Type of Free PDF Editor is Best for You?

Use free pdf editor only if you are new at the editing field or your documents are not such precious. Otherwise, all types of free pdf editors are useless for you if they don’t provide security or follow zero-knowledge encryption terms. 

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