10 Most Commented Instagram Post

Here are the 10 Most Commented Instagram Posts these are world-famous people because users comment on their posts and create so famous in the world. Now, This time the App is active as the best social media platform. we are discussing the most generously available 10 posts on Instagram.

 which post achieved the highest number of comments on the Instagram posts. No, matter how many followers are in your account. We all discussed the most commented Instagram posts and what he explained. These days people spend all their time on social media platforms. Because this application has so many features for users. Like as live streaming, Making a short videotape, Uploading photographs, and Conveying with someone.

Top 10 Most Commented post on Instagram 

There are so many posts on Instagram but now discussing only the top 10 most famous commented posts on Instagram. Who are the most commented Instagram posts on this platform in the world? Read the following table below:-

RankPosts byComments
1Alexander Kopsialis42.8 Million
2Bizarrap and Paulolondra22.7 Million
3Quelmomento15.5 Million
4Koyanbayevnurlan15 Million
5Alexander Kopsialis14.9 Million
6Barış Murat Yağcı11.11 Million
7XXXTentacion10.7 Million
8Alexander Kopsialis10.1 Million
9Andrea Stramaccioni9.5 Million
10Gorgeous Armenia6.4 Million

They are the top 10 highest comments reached on Instagram. Now, we discuss the rank of who is the come on first and last. Who is on the top 10 is posting this post, and how many comments has increased? 

1. Alexander Kopsialis (Achieved 42.8 Million comments)

Alexander Kopsialis Gained the highest number of most commented Instagram posts on their picture achieving 42.9 Million comments on his image. He is the winner of the race at present. Alexander Kopsialis got this title after 3 years and cannot break this record.

  • Number of flowers:- 1.1 Million 
  • Number of likes:- 557,000
  • Number of comments:- 42.8 Million
  • Upload of date:- November 2022
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10 Most Commented Instagram Post

2. Bizarrap and Paulolondra (Achieved 22.7 Million comments)

Bizarrap and Paulolondra gain the second rank in the race of most commented Instagram posts. Bizarrap gained 22.8 Million comments on his post he broke the top 9 highest comment post records in a few months.

  • Number of flowers:- 21 Million 
  • Number of likes:-23 million 
  • Number of comments:- 22.7 Million
  • Upload of date:- 25, April 2022
Bizarrap and Paulolondra

3. Quelmomento (Achieved 15.5 Million comments)

Quelmomento is a simple picture of text this picture cracks Kylie Jenner’s post-like record in just a few days. This picture text writes only one line in so many languages this line text is “This is Instagram’s most commented post.” 

  • Number of flowers:- 1.4 Million 
  • Number of likes:-352,059 
  • Number of comments:- 15.5 Million
  • Upload of date:- 21, May 2020 

4. Koyanbayevnurlan (Achieved 15 Million comments)

This post is a picture of a Kazakhstan flag of blue color. A Kazakh producer posted this picture on Instagram. In these most commented Instagram posts president of the Republic of Kazakhstan commented “ Let’s our blue flag fly forever.”

  • Number of flowers:- 2.0 Million 
  • Number of likes:-854,972
  • Number of comments:- 15 Million
  • Upload of date:- 25, June 2020

5. Alexander Kopsialis(Achieved 14.9 Million comments)

Alexander Kopsialis is giveaways in your post there are so many items Alexander Kopsialis has given your followers who complete his task. Only 10 followers are selected it her tasks. When a user mentions 10 comments in a single row he gives a gift to her. In this post, Alexander Kopsialis got 14.9 Million comments. Alexander Kopsialis gave away two iPhones, 1 scooter, a flower pot, a makeup kit, etc items. 

  • Number of flowers:- 1.1Million 
  • Number of likes:- 465,603
  • Number of comments:- 14.9 Million
  • Upload of date:- 3, May 2021
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Alexander Kopsialis(Achieved 14.9 Million comments)

6. Barış Murat Yağcı (Achieved 11.11 Million comments)

The neat person on the list of Most Commented posts on Instagram.Barış Murat Yağcı is a mordal, actor and star. Barış Murat Yağcı is a Turkish actor and he a very famous in your country. He has uploaded a single post on Instagram and he goes on the top 10 list of most commented Instagram posts.

  • Number of flowers:- 1.5 Million 
  • Number of likes:- 584,360
  • Number of comments:- 11.11 Million
  • Upload of date:- 9, February 2020
Barış Murat Yağcı

7. XXXTentacion (Achieved 10.7 Million comments)

XXXTentacion is the next come on the list his rank is 7th number. ahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy is the best hip-hop singer, American rapper, songwriter, and musical XXXTentacion. His real name is “Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy” After his death instanter gave respect to his comment section box. He got 7th rank of the top 10 most commented posts on Instagram.

  •  Number of flowers:- 20.8 Million 
  • Number of likes:- 32.0 Million 
  • Number of comments:- 10.7 Million
  • Upload of date:- 20, May 2018

8. Alexander Kopsialis (Achieved 10.1 Million comments)

In this list, Alexander Kopsialis’s name comes up 3 times in the top 10 commented posts on Instagram. He got this title the third time and Alexander Kopsialis is famous for this reason Alexander Kopsialis doing so many giveaways on your Instagram users. Now has Achieved 10.1 million comments in your post. He uploaded this image on 8, October 2020.

Alexander Kopsialis (Achieved 10.1 Million comments)

9. Andrea Stramaccioni (Achieved 9.5 Million comments)

Andrea Stramaccioni is an Italian football administrator. Andrea came in the 8th rank and achieved the most commented Instagram posts with 376k followers. Andrea Stramaccioni posts a single image on your Instagram account on 16, August 2019. and he got 9.5 Million comments on his post. 

Andrea Stramaccioni

10. Gorgeous Armenia (Achieved 6.4 Million comments)

Armenia is the most attractive country in the world. This country holds your Gorgeous nature. “Gorgeous_armenia” is an Instagram account but this account is not very famous on this platform. This profile has only 46.9k followers and 14 posts but this account’s first post explains his country, landscape, culture, place, and people in this short video this short video got 6.4 Million comments and 196,754 likes. This video was posted on 23 September 2022 this video title is “This is Armenia” This base made the most commented Instagram posts for it.

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Gorgeous Armenia


Read above, If you know about the most famous person of this time. Have you noticed that there is so much difference between 1st-person rank and 2nd-person rank posts? And I think you know about some famous people in this article you know who is he. Follow away I will explain the most commented Instagram posts.

FAQs About Most Commented Posts on Instagram

What is the most popular post on Instagram?

Only one of the most popular posts on Instagram of Messi’s iconic post in this post Messi picks a trophy in Lucian stadium in Lucian and gives a good-looking pose in the post he achieved 75.6 Million likes with different accounts. 

Can I delete a comment on Instagram?

These are 3 steps follow them easily.
Tap below the post.
hold the comment you’d like to delete.
Tap Delete.
It is very simple to use read carefully follow it.

Why can’t I see my comments on Instagram?

No, you see your comment on Instagram. When you can’t see your Instagram comment it has a poor internet connection. Suppose your connection is not good you do not watch your comment easily. Change your internet connection see again.

What is commenting on Instagram?

When someone shares their thoughts according to videos, images posts, you share giving your reviews on someone’s post on Instagram is called commenting on Instagram. 

What are the Most Commented Instagram Posts?

Somebody when share your post on the Instagram platform. The post is going on trending and taking so many comments or breaking the record it’s called the most commented Instagram post.

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